Its All in the Mind

There are various situation wherein we are feeling low , because we are not able to overcome the situation. If we fear some things , it’s in our mind, if we find it complicated it’s just we don’t want to do. Our mind dominates our body ,whereas it should be vice versa ,we should master our minds. The way we train our minds it performs the same way. Our mind is the most ignored facet. Everyone goes through the emotional turmoil and that is the main test of your mind. How your mind performs at that time? Are we able to deal with that situation? Have you trained or mastered your mind?

Most of them are confused with the way things are happening and thus loses control over mind. You will have a lot of people around you who will guide you with the big words proclaiming understanding, co-operation, and ignorance. To preach these adjectives is very simple but to implement is mind game. You try to master this phenomenon and realize it is building pressure on the mind. Because it is not easy just to say I have to develop understanding 😛

The things you like, dislike all lies in your mind. Mind is the gem of our body. A healthy mind will help you develop a positive attitude, will power. In short to lead a happy life you need to develop a filter which transmits only Positive thoughts and block negative thoughts. This is really an art which is possible only if you develop that habit. If you wish to ignore something and if your mind is well trained for it, you will block all those bandwidths. But if you try to harness those thoughts these thoughts will penetrate and dwell in your mind forever.

Everything is in mind, it’s just that we need to decide to what we need to prioritize. Of course, our mind can prioritize all thoughts but it is important to filter the thoughts. Because you can not change anyone’s thoughts so it is better to ignore those thoughts and always walk on the path to attain knowledge.

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