Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession-Book Review

Keshava, Madhava, Govinda, krishna, Narayan……………….more than 100names. I have a strong penchant towards spiritual books. So I picked this book -Keshava By Bhawana Somaaya. I have a quench of Knowledge to read about krishna , know how he lived his life in Mathura,how he become dwarkadish, how he got named krishna, Govinda,Madhava. Howmuch ever you read about Krishna it makes you fall for him. The Charismatic splendid charming personality always compells you to think about him. He is a magnificient obsession which everyone craves to bear. People smile thinking about him, people forget themselves while chanting “Hare krishna”, people lose themselves while looking at him. The supporting stories of Krishna always motivate us to walk on his path. Every parent wants a krishna at his home and adore. In view of this we get to read this book which will give you a immesne knowledge, content and stories associated to him. I am not sure if you can get this information from some other source.

Beautifully curated and crafted the author has kept keshava as his obsession and tried to figure out all the things associated to keshava.The author has digged in to all the names and meaning of the names by which he has called. To name a few Chaturbhuja, Devadideva,Gyaneshwara, Kamalyanayana,Mayurakhi,Murli and many more. The author has talked about his names and after that about all things associated to him. Be it humans, plants ,trees, flowers and objects.

The author has spoken about at length on all these:-

Bansuri:I am just a wood made from the branch of tree, but when my lord asked for a help from him, I readily gave myself and bear all the pain of getting cut and crafted in to bansuri. But when my lord always placed me on his lips I became grateful to him for all my lives

Kadamba tree: “Not many know but I am the one who has witnessed the love story of Krishna and Radha .It was under my shade they talked, laughed and danced melodiously. Unfortunately it was under me they parted forever when Krishna left for Mathura.

Kamala:” People say I grow in pond full of filth and dirt. The place I grow stinks. But my Lord says the one who grows in filth but still never allows petals to become dirty gains his own importance. I am still known as the national flower My lord used me as a metaphor to impart teachings

Tulsi: “My Lord doesnot accept any offering without my leaves. I am his consort, I have waited a long while to become his consort. I am full of medicinal properties. The house which keeps my plant fills with prosperity. When I was cursed by Saraswati I came on earth in the form of tulsi and my lord as Shaligram”

Kamadhenu:I originated from samudramanthan while churning of ocean. My lord called me as surubhi. My lord is the protector of cows and that’s what my lord came to know as Gopala. I am the wish fulfilling cows. The products associated with me like ghee is used in yagnas”

Shankha: “When the lord departed for Mathura ,Radha snatched away bansuri and after that I was always with my Lord. He never go away from me. Initially I was always carried at the battlefield but now I am always kept at the place of worship.”

Peepala Tree:” It was under my tree where keshava breathed his last”

The author has talked about all this at length and also given an overview about their origination, advantages be it spiritual, scientific, eco-friendly. Keshava is an obsession and the way the author has written it you will completely go gaga over it.

Go grab your copies today and let me know your reviews about it.

I grabbed my copy from amazon:-

10 thoughts on “Keshava: A Magnificent Obsession-Book Review

  1. It can be magical when you make a connection. I wish everyone would read about the different spiritual leaders or manifestations. The connections we have with all of them. Thank you.

  2. Sounds very interesting! I think it’s always good to read about different belief systems!

  3. This sounds like a fascinating read! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

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