Life is fast!

In the time of pandemic we are not supposed to travel, move out , plan outings and gettogether but still the day is occupied.From the dusk till the dawn day just flys.Though its a rainy season but this times clouds are sore with deficit in water. The temperature is leading to scorching heat and with new spikes in Covid 19 cases everyday , a normal life seems too far.

The sun rises and so the daily chores get stacked. In this lockdown what is missing is the peace.Though everyone is at home they have no time to spend at home. The entire day goes on laptop and connecting calls. Though remote model is laid there is no lunch time and dinner time. Rather going to office there was a dedicated lunch time. Weekends also employers feel employees can connect as they are sitting at home. The place where people use to relax and forget work is now a carpet full with deadlines ,instructions and discussions. The irony of life is everyone is at home but no time to talk. The air is purified but we have to use masks.

Frustation and lack of mental peace is prevailing. That is bcoz of lockdowns, same environment, pushy deadlines, high expectation, and no domestic help.People are levying their frustration on others. In the crowd the one person who motivates you is the real gem. There are many people who are well equipped to make you realise that you are just a paper. In the walk you will always find people throwing pebbles but a very few will come and ask “Are you ok”.

People enjoy discouraging, demotivating and sabotaging your self respect. With every inch you break their happiness grows in pounds.They can feel that you are losing , breaking and are in full plans to throw you out of league. A person entire day listening to the same language of discouragement will automatically lose mental peace.

Younger or elder, employee or employer should be guarded with certain guidelines. Anyone sabotaging your mental peace must be punished.Every person stand a reason to live and flourish. Anyone cannot destroy anyone for their selfish motives. Some are selfish while some are frustated thus wish to make others life hell.

High packages, big MNCs, promotions and appraisals fail to buy mental peace. Peace comes from the people around you or with your colleagues. A healthy motivated employees can work more efficiently. Many companies have realised this , a few of them don’t pay a heed to it.The level of stress with strong language and extended working hours, drain your mind completely. How can those people prosper.

Increments and bonus gets credited in your account but the same gets debited in hospitals. But by the time people understand this its too late. There are many people who suffer cardiac arrest at an early age of 40’s. The entire day in front of laptop savages physical and mental health.

Work is Worship thats what we have learnt. But we should also remember “ Health is Wealth”.

Life is a mystery to solve not a problem to resolve.

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