Life is what we can live

Have you ever gone for a Roller Coaster ride??Life is like a Roller Coaster. You must have heard people often saying this, As in Roller Coaster ride sometime you are high on emotions and on the other moment you are low. Similarly in our life high and low moments follow us alternatively. #Life: From the books of Salt Pepperlife

Life runs on same phenomenon. In our life too we face same kind of emotions every day. In our entire life you can neither be happy all the time nor be sad. The happiness and sadness go parallel. Till you don’t get sadness you don’t understand the value of happiness. God has given us this preplanned ride to which no one can say “No”. Everyone has to experience this in their life. One can’t skip this ride.


But if you want to enjoy this ride then it is compulsory to have a good company around you. The people around you can make this ride smooth with their support and help. If you are having bad time then the small emotional support from the people can take you away from that situation in a quicker way rather than fighting it alone. Similarly in happy times if you involve people in your happiness , it will get doubled.

Sometimes unexpectedly you meet some people and you connect with them the way you can’t connect with the others and actually you need those special people in your life to understand your life better.

In life, the more you will meet the new people the more experience you get. The experience can be both good and bad ,that also depends on your perception regarding that situation.With this learning you will get mature and understand the life better. With more learning and experience you can enjoy the life more. Every day with every other new person you will learn something new about life.

The new day brings new hopes to drive your life. The chance to do something which excites you ,can give you happiness. At the end of the day result can be anything either good or bad, but you will find a way to start the next day with new zeal. And this is how the life goes.


Therefore nothing can be better than to enjoy the life as you enjoy the roller coaster ride than to just be sad. So it’s up to you whether you want to live the life or just languishes.

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