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I have come across various situations where people live in a dreamy world. I know seeing and living dreams is a good feeling. But this is for the negative stances. When you worry for a situation which you will be facing in coming months. You start worrying about that situation from today. Forgetting that its a future. Thinking about future we miss the moments of today. We focus on future problems and are just sad for it. But that should not stop us from dreaming 😛

It is rightly said ” It is difficult to befriend the present when you are still quarreling with the past. Strange but true. Past situations sometimes make us the weak and strong. Some situations thrust fear in us. Thinking about the past we always worry about today and the future. But the thing which we need to understand is not every day is the same and will never be the same. With the everyday sun rising, starts a new fresh day. A fresh day a new chapter. But if you are living in the past, you seem to question yourself why it happened, you rewind the situation every day thinking of solutions to waive off. I wish it would not have happened? Can I change the situation? But somewhere we have to understand its past and things have already happened you cannot change. In fact, you are living every day after conquering that situation and it should not weaken you. You should feel experienced and be ready to conquer future obstacles.

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Nobody can predict the future so why to worry about it. Every day is not similar. But you have to be prepared for all the days. So why to worry about those things which are not in our hands. I think the days which are perfect you should enjoy the most. So you have no regrets of missing the laughter moments.”Happiness is not something you postpone for future, it is something you design for the present” I have across people who always say we will throw a big party in the future or we will buy later. But I don’t understand why to postpone our wishes for the future and make our present longing.

After coming across several situations I could only understand that Acceptance of anything is very necessary. e have to learn to accept things. If we do not accept the situation we are only struggling. I had to go to a place where there are no basic facilities but after several negotiations, I have to go. But still, everyday my mind struggles with that thought and I realized I am affecting my present because of that future. Despite several trials, I have to go there I have no other alternative. So what I have learned from this situation is to accept a situation and let those days only get affected and not y present is getting hampered.

So as rightly said by Buddha


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