Lockdown time

Imagine your facebook deluged with checkin like:-

feeling blessed at the temple “home”

feeling excited at the balcony “home”

feeling depressed at the sofa “home”

feeling crazy Cooking dinner “home”
feeling happy “ Watching Jab We Met”

Some refreshments anyone???
Banana bread?

During the lockdown what-else we can think of except food. The checkin of facebook who we used to explore by putting at different places has locked just to our doors. No matter what ,we can just say “Feeling Divine” at home.

From my parking my car is asking me “why I am standing here since long, do i need servicing, my battery is getting discharged,at-least move me back and forth”. I hastily reply its a lockdown stay there, else you will get Corona! How silly of me, but giving these directions to everybody it came aptly on my mouth.?‍♀️

In the wardrobe “the trosseau are asking why you are always in your pyjamas these days , we are just clinged to these wardrobes. When is our turn going to come. Matching accessories are also asking us, bcoz if we go out then only they can” I replied its a holiday for you guys for unprecedented time?

In the kitchen the utensils “We are not getting any rest these days , we are constantly being used for breakfast , lunch , dinner and moreover for the new experiments which you do for #quarantinediaries. There are neither weekends these days nor any takeaways? I replied dejectedly all is closed-kindly co-operate.

“The child urges me to take him to the park saying I m bored at home , I cannot play with the same toys, take me out please.” I said I am helpless we have to help everyone in this tough situation and we will all get out through this soon?

So many imaginary situations yet so true, we all are going through it. What we need is positivity and prayers for the one who are helping everyone.#Dilsethankyou to all the doctors, nurses, hospital staff , police and all those who are working hard to get things normalised.

Amidst this lockdown what seems to heal is our planet. With humans in their home the wild animals are enjoying nature. From deer in London to peacocks and dolphins in Mumbai all are having a gala time. The air quality has improved , planet Earth seems to be clean and pollution is reduced. I think if we swiftly move ahead in our life we have to stop at one point by the law of nature , and think what we have done , just the way by sitting silent we cleanse our mind by doing vow of silence.

I think its the wish of Mother Earth and for her benefit so we are supposed to wait!

Till then…

#Stayathome, Stay Safe!!!

9 thoughts on “Lockdown time

  1. For me it is keeping a routine the best I can. Which means exercising – going for walks. Make my bed every morning, get dressed. Do not stay in pjs. Rereading books from my bookcase and purging a bit. Checking in with friends who are alone. Creating opportunities to connect. And yes letting the planet heal.

  2. It felt great to get dressed up (and out of my bathrobe) for the Easter holiday, even though my family didn’t go anywhere. It’s a strange time, but you’re right, if we all do our part, we’ll get through this sooner.

  3. This whole situation is heartbreaking and the people who have lost their lives is just a complete waste… But I have to say it is almost like the world screaming out for us to slow down and stop. Almost a reset on the planet.

    Take care
    Claire x

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