Love in the time of Corona

Love in the 21st century means candle night dinners, gifts, flowers, chocolates, movie date and so on. The preference is to get ready with your attire, makeup matching handbag, nail paint, hairstyle and so on. Now with lockdown being advised everywhere how is love possible. It seems to be an illusion. In the current situation, love can be surrounded only by cooking, laundry, babysitting, mobbing, sweeping, and drying clothes. As maids have also organized lockdown and with this, the situation is just about completing tasks. Cooking breakfast and thinking about the next meal is the motto of the day. I am scared after 15 days the weighing machine is going to show the numbers which will give us a shock.

The real Romance lies in asking “How much you love me”. the man of the house replies -” you know the answers to which I reply then why not you take care of laundry today. Well, I am bored with that work doing every day. And also this curfew should be of use to me as well. I stay at home every day doing multiple tasks I would like to give you this opportunity today. The man of the house sins Corona by reciting “Go Corona, Corona Go”

It is after decades where everyone has got some quality time to spend with their families. Weekends were always on but they used to go in socializing, watching movies and inviting friends. Whereas now with this social distancing only social websites are remaining. The entire day goes into refreshing the feed where everyone is urging their fans to “stay at home, be safe”. The other people are treating their fans with the time they are utilizing in self isolations.

I wonder why the makers are not releasing their movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix. I wanted to see Angrezi Medium. I wish it could be telecasted on Amazon Prime and many could enjoy their movies date sitting at home with popcorns. Several movies are still on the digital channel but we always crave for something more. With scaremongers everywhere, it becomes difficult to be online on social networking websites for too long.

I read some forward messages which say with the lockdown the crime rate has gone down, what has increased is the domestic flights. The husband and wife are not figuring out how to spend the time so they end up fighting with each other. The reason for the fight still remains unknown to both of them. But several hours pass blaming each other, “you did this to me four years ago, ok… and husband replies you did this to me four minutes back did you realize? fine this was the response to that then. ..:P

After doing so much work I am not in a position to cook food, Can we order, dun you remember we are in a state of lockdown where everything is closed.

The husband replies I was craving to eat something delicious, I am too much hungry .

The wife replies then why don’t you cook something for us.

The husband replies “I can’t cook, but we have to eat, we cant skip dinners”.

The wife replies why not we can skip dinner, else you cook I would appreciate maagi also at this moment.

The husband replies: Maagi for dinner does not suit……

and the

love continues………………:P:P:P

14 thoughts on “Love in the time of Corona

  1. Haha thanks for keeping things light. I’m all about using this time to focus on the positives, spread kindess & love!

  2. It’s scary to think about how quickly all of our lives have changed globally! With love, healing, and a little bit of humor, we’ll get through it!

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