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Love vs Marriage

Rimi and Sandy are  two lovers, who are deep in love and are painting the town  red. They are together since 3 years. Their days start with each other. One fine day, finally the families come to know about them and for the happiness of their daughter they are ready to get her marry to Sandy. They only had one prerequisite that he should come with his family to ask for her hand for  marriage. Rimi became so happy that this is so easy ,he will come tomorrow itself. She was on cloud nine and very happy.Finally she went running to him and said "Come home tomorrow my father wants to meet you" Listening these lines sandy got flabbergast. No doubt he loves her but is not ready for the wedding trap. He felt he is not settled and  is not ready for marriage. But Rimi had already accepted the challenge and has confirmed for his arrival.


The other day sun is risen as usual but there was different scenario at Rimi's home .Everyone was preparing delicacy eateries for Sandy's family. Home was decorated beautiful but unfortunately Sandy did not arrive. Sandy made her fall on her words. Entire family was unhappy with her and also on the choice  she has made. Rimi all furious went to him and fired him, yet in love she gave her one more chance. The family of Rimi still were ready to welcome them with hug. But all are efforts were in vain. They did not turn up. Finally Rimi marriage alliance was fixed as per her parents perusal.Though she was not happy but was left with no solutions. Now enters Robbi a young man well- settled and works in Bank. He belongs to a good family and they had come home with full respect and were ready to accept Rimi. Days went by and the day of marriage came closer. Still Rimi and Sandy were feeling low and felt they should run away but as usual he did not turn up with the fear of spoiling Rimi's life.


The D-day arrived and Rimi and Robbi got married with the blessings of their parents. Robbi was aware of her past and decided to give some time to Rimi. Always tried to make her smile, tried to understand her hobbies.gave her time.He did the way which she would enjoy. He trusted her like anything. But for Rimi she was lost half the time in dreams of Sandy and never cared for Robbi. One day Sandy came back in her life but now she was married and was the responsibility of someone. He urged her to accept him back and was very sorry for his deeds. Life of all three was haphazard. Robbi finally decided to end their marriage as she was not happy and there was no point carrying the  baggage. Robbie being mature and responsible always tried to carry good image of his wife. He made sure no one points a finger on her and started divorce proceedings. But Rimi was although now Sandy was ready to come to her home and fix their alliance. After divorce she can now officially marry Sandy.But she was not happy.


Everything was turning gloomy for Sandy and Rimi but Rimi felt sandy still is not ready for the marriage and finally told him to leave her , not to do anything for her. He had already spoiled her life.Her marriage was ruined and when she wanted to marry Sandy he never came home.Now everything has become worst and she cried her heart out. On the day of divorce ,Robbie mentioned to Romi that he was always in love with her and wanted her to be happy with Sandy. But Romi has started respecting and liking Robbie and does not want to lose him.What Romi  liked about Robbie was he respected her a lot and for her happiness he was ready to do anything. This thing pulled her toward Robbie. But after making so many blunder she was wondering how to say. But finally she gained confidence and uttered " I love you"<3 .Then what it was happy ending!

happy ending

Love is required for marriage but with that respect and care is also necessary. The guys which cares about your image and is ready to take a stand is what choice you should make. Only love with childish attitude will never fetch us anything.  Mature love with understanding is what is required for marriage. Love and marriage are totally different. Many people will say I love you but to actually accept that responsibility and get married is what really Love is. Today in the world where everyone are so impulsive and takes very hasty decisions with out even a  thought of regretting it later.So why not understand the difference between love ad marriage and then take proper step.

13 thoughts on “Love vs Marriage

  1. Nicely put. Love is a complicated thing with lots to consider but the right person will always find his or her way to us and us to them.

  2. such an awesome and interesting article. Robbie character being a mature and understanding is outstanding.

  3. Love is the basis of any relationship….one got to be mature enough to understand what he or she wants… responsibility bus not easy to take in ..specially of a family..
    Well expressed…simple and sweet..

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