A word of four letters but with multiple meanings. The definition of love differs for each one of us. For some love is friendship/compatibility/understanding while for some love defines all the above three. We are in the month of February and its mandatory to talk about love. Love has different shades, of passion. College wala romance has its own essence. When in college the guy or girl following each other intentionally or unintentionally always gets teased by the group of friends.When it comes for celebrating love week the most enthusiastic are the college crowd. Inspired by the movies this week is special for single as well as mingle ones.

Social media romance. The most popular yet the most engaging romance is through WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat. The couple is glued to their mobile screen waiting for a beep and the message to display.” message from———//’ and the smile is a milestone. The chatting is through fingers but the face continues to talk through smirking and blushing. The multitalented people continue chatting in college, office , meetings everywhere. The latest in that is if the mood does not go with your partner the social media profile gets removed. The last seen get vanished or last seen stays the same for hours. So the other partner keeps monitoring the last seen and gets impatient and finally after waiting for hours the impatient partner texts “where r u?” It has been a while. I didn’t get your Good morning text today so I was worried”. It’s crazy na, it’s so cheesy but still, people love this. The hidden last seen suddenly pops up and gets flattened in love just to portray to be busy. Now tell me one thing the one monitoring last seen and the one avoiding to come online how can be busy? Social media also plays with your emotion by hiding last seen or avoiding each other, Visiting each other profile, dropping a comment on the profile picture. The most irritating are read receipts. After the blue tick it becomes compulsory to reply else the other partner starts wondering “why there is no reply”

Love, at first sight, is so surprising. How can anyone fell in love at first sight? But yes it too happens. Love gradually happens is still digestible. The love which grows knowing each other while some fell in love watching the smile of someone. And then the love gushes out and the world seems to be a happier place. While in Love you are happy for all reasons. Suddenly flowers seem to be beautiful and full of fragrance. That the reason Rose is the symbol of love.

Love is not necessary to be always in the form of your partner. Love can be with your mother, sister, baby and many more. So this Valentine doesn’t be sad if you don’t have a partner. You have many lovely relations around you. You are already late in showering love to them so this valentine show them how much you love them!

Happy Valentine’s day!! So who is your valentine this week? My valentine is my 6month old baby <3

Comment below to let me know your definition of love?

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  1. Beautiful! I completely agree that love doesn’t need to mean a partner. It can mean anything. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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