"Me time"

“Me” Time

In the regular routine of life what gets ignored is “us”.We are fully dedicated and curated for our work and activities but what gets missed is spending sometime with yourself. Dwelling in your mind and talking to yourself. Questioning ourselves or rather validating about how are we living our lives. Are we happy and what more needs to be done? Which facet of life is ignored needs to be thought on. Only fulfilling our commitments does not make us happy.

Have you ever thought, if you are able to enjoy your own company, you won’t every encounter boredom in life? This sounds a bit weird “how can you enjoy one’s own company”:P, but it’s true. Spend some time with yourself rather than worrying about trivial things. Make yourself emotionally and mentally strong which will help you to attend difficult solutions with ease. There are many people who are always around you,sometimes you don’t get time for yourself, that is the time you long for some “Me time” and when you get that “Me time” you feel you are the freest leisure person in the world with no motivation but that is the time you are on the job of yourself. Always take care of yourself. Instead of worrying about how to pass the time use it for your advantage. Start a habit of not using the phone for some time, this will work magically.

Spend an Ease Time: The time you are alone at home, start with that time and binge on to the things which you like. Watch the things which give you pleasure and ease your mind.

Validate yourself: Instead if always looking for an attention and trying ways to seek it, rather use that time just satiate yourself. You will surely love it.

Hobbies: Hobbies are the one which always give you please. Those are the happy time which keeps you engaged and happy. So binge on some good books, workout, music,dance etc.

Pamper: Use the leisure time for pampering yourself. Go for a stride , grab a coffee and walk around. Use the time for self-improvement. Allot some time for creativity. Shop the world around.

The best time you can spend with anyone is with yourself. Spending time with yourself comes with lots of fun and leisure.
Not only is alone time often an excellent experience, it’s also an essential life skill that everyone should have tucked away. The mothers are the busiest who can hardly allot some time for themselves. But even they need some “me time”. So however busy you are spend some time for ourselves.

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