While we have roofs on our heads and have a fan, cooler, and AC, crore of people are burning in scorching heat with no roofs to protect them. We are busy learning new recipes, baking items while these ppl are craving for two meals. After the sudden lockdown 60 days back these people decide to go back to their homes. As the industries business had come to standstill, daily wages stopped. How will they survive in the cities? They were sure they won’t be able to pull for too many days. After this unprecedented lockdown, going homes was the only option.

They did not think twice and started walking to reach their homes. Though the distance was huge miles, their zeal was twice the distance. With babies on the shoulder, luggage on the other shoulder, head, they carry luggage barefoot only with the mantra ” Ghar Chale hum, Ek bar ghar pachuch jaye fir mar bhi gaye to kya gam” No one knew it will be that difficult, many people are stranded on the roads, some are walking, crying for help. My heart reaches out to them seeing children walking and burns marks on their feet. I know this post won’t help them in any way. The relief package announced by Nirmala Sitaraman has also not stopped them. These people are huge and in abundance. It is a serious situation though several announcements have been paid its not easy to cater to their population. Several people have come forward to help them reach their homes safely. One of them is Sonu Sood who has already sent more than 12000 and arrangements have been made for more than 45000 people.

If you ask me what is the real happiness-it lies in helping someone needy, the contentment which you see in their eyes and overwhelmedness in their voice makes you feel so happy. I guess the same happened with Sonu Sood. He had sent few people to Karnataka and the happiness which he witnessed has motivated him to help more people in reuniting with their natives’ places. My sincere gratitude and wishes to him. Though now the trains have started to ferry, many people are still left to starve.

Friends and relatives of Kushwaha family who work as migrant workers walk along a road to return to their villages, during a 21-day nationwide lockdown to limit the spreading of coronavirus, in New Delhi, India, March 26, 2020. To match Special Report HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/INDIA-MIGRANTS. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

I have always pondered these questions since my childhood- the people who work for hours, not caring for their lives are poor-why? Why they are not paid much, they are the most exploited. They have the talent of working 24 hours. They can even work for two shifts at one go. The house in which we stay is built by these workers beautifully curated and designed. They dun have their own homes but earn by crafting home for us. An industry is incomplete without them. We have the design, machinery, raw material but without workers who will execute them.But the answer is still unanswered.

in their happy times

In the search of work, they leave their home, and today with no work they want to go back home. They feel ignored and dejected with no food, water, vehicle. After the lockdown shuns people will again struggle to bring them back to run industries.

Migrants singing their heart out- ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZwCov-3uKY

They are the soul of our development. Let’s come together to help them!

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