When amidst Coronovirus and Delhi violence issues are falling in place the latest to add is Yes bank moratorium issued by RBI. The world is becoming a difficult place to survive. The interesting interest rate and immediate service always allure clients to the doors of private banks. In the fast pace no one bears patience to go through the legalities and formalities which a government bank goes through in a couple of days. If you wish to open a new account you instantly hop to the private bank to avoid long queue tussle. In the era where government is encouraging lot of privatisation , is it a good decision to handover multiprojects to lot of enterprises? In one way it can turn as boon because the delivery of work will be on time but if the company bear loses entire project will collapse and simultaneously many company will bear loses.

Just as businessman Nirav Modi managed to run to London taking away hard earned money of people fuelling PNB scam. No one could do anything to stop him instead investigating in to the bank statements only to the dismay to confirm to a fact thar he was a fraud. Just to add to its portfolio PMC added the league and now Yes Bank joined it too. Depoistors have turned clueless as to whether they should cry or laugh. The adage always says try to save as much money as possible, and for this reason give your bank the chance to serve you! Because they are here to help us better as their tag line goes with the jingle. After the scam only jingle rings in your ears.

@9:30pm: The man of the house switches on tv any is busy enjoying news. Suddenly a news about Yes bank flashes just as headline. Before you could actually digest the news , news about Rahul Gandhi visiting areas in Delhi flashes.

@10pm: Wife says to the man of the house amidst bank controversy everyday where to keep money, but i m relieved we dont have anything to do with Yes bank.

6:30am:(Clutter)Wife questions what are you doing?
The man of the house responds office work you sleep!

7:30am: The man of the house discusses with a friend about Yes bank. Wife intervenes why are you so worried? Its early morning think positive.

The man of the house makes an announcement. “I am sorry I didnot tell you I had bought shares of Yes bank.

Wife “You are kidding me right, you might have bought shares of Rs 10000” koi na!?

The man of the house replies “ I had bought for few lakhs ” I had invested it for better returns. Wife faints?

This is the story of so many people who trust these monsters and save their hard earned penny each day for the better future. You intervene government they will reply “ We are probing each and every detail, dont panic, RBI has taken bank under their control”

Whats the use at this moment when you are with zero hope, lot of aggression and detest. Why is there no policy of screening before giving loan. Why are these scams increasing. Phonepe a famous UPI company has suffered too. Lots of startups who start their venture with these banks are left clueless.Lot of unemployment arises in the era where government promises 100% employment opportunities. Who will talk about losing jobs after scams and becoming bankrupt.When in the controversy the news emerge SBI will acquire 49% shares of Yes bank and work on reconstruction strategy who knows how things will work. The trust with banks is evaporating the way sun absorbs water from our body in the scorching heat. The scams prickle us the way sun pricks our skin.Rain can lash out to this heat but who will lash out on these monsters.

These monsters will eat everyone without even taking a burp!

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