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Moral Responsibility

Discipline ethics and rules are something which we all should abide by.The government abides us by rules which we are supposed to follow. The government imposes certain ban or regulations for the welfare of people. Several times I am amazed that traffic police and Police raise an awareness program for the people to make them understand about importance of helmet while driving. Where as they also start various safety drive Like wearing seat belt ,following traffic rules. But Is that  really the responsibility of government?Should we always blame government for these things. After all its about our lives. If we are safe its good for us. Why government should care about so many people just to make sure we are safe. I know they follow their responsibility but we all also have a moral responsibility which we should follow.

Like while taking selfie we hear a lot of incidents.We say how did they go there to click pictures.Why there was no advice “Selfie lena mana hai” But is it the thing to write?I came across a news recently when wife of our Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis was taking selfie on the edge of cruise ignoring safety instructions.This silly atttitude leads to accidents.


The recent train tragedy which happened Is really disappointing. I know several allegations where on the government and Railway department.I know everyone was at fault. But what was disappointing is how people can stand on tracks and believe that no train will come. How can they be so sure. I don’t understand how people can trust that no train will come on railways tracks.The incident is really very excruciating but i still think we should think before standing on railways tracks.


The recent debate which is trending is about crackers. The government is trying to impose ban on the crackers but people are feeling its against their tradition. They should not follow it. What i feel is imposing ban on crackers will help the entire paradise. We will get fresh air to breathe. So cant we take up as moral responsibility to contribute little to our environment. We can at least limit ourselves and find out new ways to celebrate the festival of lights.We all should do our bit. Then only the place will become paradise.Lets works towards sustainable environment.


3 thoughts on “Moral Responsibility

  1. Completely agree with you it is our duty to think about our health and safety. There are few who don’t mix it with any religious sentiments. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post, keep posting…

  2. I really like your writing style, wonderful info, appreciate it for putting up :D. “Let every man mind his own business.” by Miguel de Cervantes.

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