As soon as a women embraces motherhood the life encompasses just around her little bundle of joy. The entire people around her has option to give lame reasons and to run away from situations. But a mother can never leave her baby and think of her leisure.Father can still afford to have bachelor time and grace some parties.But a mother has no time to socialize. Though sometimes she too feel to have some time with the loved ones but not leaving her baby.

To socialize means only to step out and party for some. As per the millenials if they dun dress up and have a drink it is not counted as a party. Unlike the old traditional days where we used ti be perfect hosts or guest where we can sit and share talks and laughter.The current generation choose to spend that time in loud music which they call as soothing music and amid hues of alcohol which make it a perfect weekend getaway. Now imagine how a mother can be a part of this socialization.A father can still go saying you are a mother you have extra responsibility. Or we can crack a deal today let me go next weekend you go. Fair enough but a mother wont choose to go leaving her baby. That is what motherhood bring for us.

From the time of delivery to the time of baby turning one a mother can hardly think of a vacation. The best vacation for her is her mom’s place.The husbands gets the best social space that time. They can dance their heart out.This usually strikes a balance as both of them get some free time to relax. Imagine once the wife and baby is back to bay and husband asks for some bachelor time for 4-5 days as he loves to socialize.Its so scary a mother on duty for next 24×5. The sad part is you cannot complain , deny because at the end you are mother with add-ons.

We are moving to an era of modernization where to socialize is to leave your family and spend some leisure time. Amid some previous time i still remember my father taking us to all vacations , he might leave some holidays but never leave us for socialising. Before marriage we all get that bachelor time and prefer to spend it with swag. But after marriage with baby demanding socialising for me is bit silly. It sounds you still think you are bachelor and dun want to accept that you have left that phase.

If you are alone and time is eating you up and you plan to socialize sounds perfect. But leaving your family for that sounds bit fussy. But at the end its everyone views. We are at a era where family values ethics virtues matter but dun really matter. The people around us act as a catalyst or fire to what kind of lifestyle you will live.

There are quite a few people who can just say easy No to certain stuff which they dont want to. But a few people get easily carried away. I think we had a lot of discussion on socialization.

My point of view is straight every phase has its charm. The bachelor life which you expect after marriage wont be a bliss. Imagine if makes make Dil Chahta hai and ZNMD with this motto , not every demographics will enjoy it.

If you are binded for work makes sense bit for some childish trip doesnot make sense for me. If you have given birth to a child you are obliged for him.

To all parents kindly ponder in your heart and decide what actually you want and then take decision.

Mothers are always readu for sacrifice not because they have to but because they love too. What they need is only love and support.

6 thoughts on “Socialising

  1. I remember my cousin saying to me when a woman has a baby it changes her life for the rest of her life. That is not so for a man.

  2. I am not having my own kids yet, however, I do value highly my alone time and the time that I spend with my friends. I absolutely want and hope that once kids ill be part of my life, I will have the love and support to still take care of me and also spend some time socialising.
    I find it very important to take time to recharge your batteries 🙂

  3. For me, it has been about balance. The first year (at least) with a new baby needs dedication. But, as the years go by, I have needed “my time.” It refreshed me and motivated me to keep being the best mom I could be. I needed adult time, too. I am not saying lots of it, just enough to continue to be myself. Does that make sense?

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