Embracing motherhood makes every woman special. Women start feeling special about themselves that they give birth to a new human being. It is difficult to digest that a living creature is right inside you for nine months. The baby inside the womb has been your body part for 9 months. Every moment while standing, sleeping and walking you need to be careful. The most important backbone of your life has taken birth and feeling of joyous has surrounded the entire family. Some months later you even feel the kicks and movement of the baby. This is such a known fact but when you think from your heart it is not less than a miracle.

After the delivery when you are in labor pain or stitch pain the first thing you need to be assured is your baby is healthy. Because all these months you have carried your baby just to bring the baby on earth. You play a role or become a god messenger to give birth to a new life. Once the baby is born you are amazed to see him smiling, crying or you are awestruck seeing the features. Goosebumps, unnerving all captivate you. Its a miracle and God gift. How much ever you try to contrive you become emotional. You are the architect of your baby’s life. You gave your baby everything rather than shared with him everything. When the baby shines like you, smiles like you or looks like your carbon copy, the heart starts pumping happiness.

Happiness is looking at children who are so cute, adorable and full of life. They give new meaning to your life. Before you were responsible just for your self. Getting bored you used to simply pick your bag and go out. But life has now changed before thinking about yourself you need to think about your baby feeding and sleeping time. Shopping list for you used to never stop but now you say “lets buy for the baby now, I have too many clothes.” Initially, even though work is surrounding you, you used to delay it at your pace now you finish your work on time so that your baby gets all things on time. becoming a mother makes you more responsible.

A mother never chalks out a plan on how to become a good parent but what she really cares about is to give his baby everything best and on time. Baby should not starve for anything for which a mother runs her complete day monitoring clock. She is neither tired nor complaining. What she is – Is only happy. A mother never wants his baby to grow fast. She wants his baby to be always his sunshine.

Its really very true” God could not be everywhere and therefore he created mothers”

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