Mothers day

As 10th May 2020 marks mother’s day in the calendar and this year being my debut to motherhood, i am so excited! Being a mother is always very challenging. I still remember many people were curious to know “what was my reaction when i saw my baby?”After 10 hours of labour pain we opted for C-section and during the procedure I was administered local anaesthesia , though the process was too quick, may be after 10 mins I could hear my baby crying. In that state when i was freezing cold and could not feel lower body movement the doctor came and said “ See its a baby boy, baby is healthy” That particular moment just like my lower body was freezed, my mind freezed too. I could not think beyond the doctor’s announcement.I just wanted to freeze that announcement and let it sink in my every nerve.

As the effect of anaesthsia lessen, the flow of emotions fasten. I was happy and excited. It was all full of gratitude.I was staring at my baby and thinking its really a miracle of God to be blessed with a child so innocent. He knows nothing and is new to the world. He has walked the path of nine months with me and has stepped in this new world. Here lies my first responsibility to settle him to this world and get him adapt to it. He is naive and has just come to fill your life with happiness. Those tiny fingers and toes make you wonder “awww, they are too small too cute”. To this my mom who was staring me rejoices “ you were the same, this tiny just like him” I could feel that lump in her throat and umpteen happiness which her face couldn’t hide. Thats how mothers are , they are happy looking at their babies.

Once you step in to the shoes of mother there is no reversal. Motherhood teaches us a different dimension that you have an inbuilt power and you can do a lot of work and shoulder a lot of responsibility. You can nurse your baby, look after your home, ofc work, and there is lot more. You will feel proud “ I never knew I could do this much work” Its because you cannot compromise anything for your baby. Your home ,kitchen everything needs to be clean, baby clothes need to be washed properly with Dettol, toys need to be sanitised, bottles need to be sterile and much more. You cannot compromise on that. Motherhood makes you realise of your inborn capacity.

As the days and months pass the bond between you and your child grows. The baby identifies your touch, voice and love. His eyes always search you and that is electrifying. Though you are tired and want to doze off, the mother in you keeps you awake to attend your baby.

My mom is always on the toe for me and my baby sister. Even during my entire journey to parenthood she was standing with me like a pillar. Without her support it was impossible to stand. She too had those sleepless nights with me and that to with no regrets. Though I have become a mother she still feels I should not suffer for anything. Mother are our backbone ,strength, bliss and God to us to whom how much ever we worship is less. In return they just demand our love and attention. So this mother’s day make your mother feel special.

To those who were not aware that tomorrow is Mother’s Day, this is an early reminder?, you still have got one day to surprise your mother.

Happy Mother’s day Mommy?

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms?

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  1. What an absolutely adorable mother you make!!! Your baby is delightful and so is your mother. I only hope that your career as a mom is half as wonderful as mine as been. xoxoxo

  2. Congratulations! I hope that your first Mother’s Day as a new mom was everything you could have hoped for!

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