Nepotism vs Talent

Nepotism- A very profound word but has turned shrewd in due course. Nepotism has been carried out in every career through legacy. A son of a doctor prefers to be a doctor. A son of an army wants to become an army officer. But why this thought articulate with the generations. I think it because of the way profession and hobby are being seen and discussed at their home. A doctor’s son is raised hearing to the names of medicines that are prescribed for certain diseases. A son of an army officer’s blood boils every time thinking about their rivals. It is the atmosphere where they are born, raised, and nurtured their dreams.

In the family business, we always come across that an outsider who is always treated as an outsider. There are lame excuses for them and with that lame excuses, an outsiders cannot survive in that organization. So somehow this has been carried through legacy. The son of a Pandit will start the knowledge of Vedas, Sanskrit epics since their childhood. The same Nepotism is revolving now in the top charts after the demise of the Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. From the time I heard this news, I am just not able to get over this news. It is so disappointing and moreover it questions- why?

A still from his movie

The Bollywood is being run rather governed by huge production houses that have been garnering attention for decades. I believe it’s fair enough to launch star kids or anyone in the industry but not by cornering any one’s talent. What is true or false I am not aware but in any field, talent should be the prime focus. Just because its the family profession, if someone is inefficient he should not be forced or enforced on anyone’s talent.

In the world of Nepotism, there are a few people who find their wings by enormous hard work, determination, and dedication. Their path is always full of stones and while walking there are many people who will throw thorns so that they change their path but very few stays afloat. They fight, keep fighting, fight bravely some stay floated while some give up on their lives. One thing which we should always care about is our family. Always think about them, talk to them, share your stupid views, don’t fear.

I have always come across people who are afraid of sharing their sorrows or problems just with the fear of being laughed or screwed. I always believe we are not the only one who is going through the problems. When we talk we come across so many case studies. So a huge shout out to everyone please talk and share. Get out of being judged, stay connected with everyone.

Listen to the soulful track Khairayat Pucho.

Now stay connected not only means to be connected on social media. Please support everyone. I came across on twitter about banning some production houses but think about so many people who are working for them, think about their livelihood, these thoughts would not do justice to so many people. What we all can do is to start worshipping talent. After all its the fan’s love which makes movies enter the 100Cr club. So we have to make a choice and value the talent. Use our freedom of speech to get valuable talent to prosper further.

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  1. A nice read after a long time..penned down well and so apt to the situation ??

  2. This is so true. Everyone who’s privileged needs to listen to it.

  3. You are amazing writer
    A person with a lot of potential hope to have a pecullair encounter with you. ???

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