New Normal

Our new normal is to live with COVID 19. As the scientist and WHO are forecasting that Coronavirus will stay for some more months and is not going anywhere too soon, we are in a very difficult situation. With vaccines on a trial basis, we can just pray and wait for the miracle. The government is confused and yet too burdened as to which strategy to execute. In India, we have entered into Lockdown 4.0, after almost 53 days and with more than 1 lakh cases we really don’t know ,where are we actually going. The government has announced that we have to learn to live. If we do not resume, the economy will fall, there will be a recession. Several startups like Swiggy, Zomato , Ola , Uber, WeWork, and many more have suffered.

The most suffered are businessmen, daily wage workers. If the transport doesn’t resume a lot of drivers will suffer. On the construction site where many people are dependent for their bread and butter have suffered badly. The worst which I came across is the people struggling to return to their home. They have nothing to eat and just want to return to their home. Thanks to #shramikspecial started by the government of India to help many people reach their homes. I came across the people who have wheat and rice but they don’t have spices, vegetable oil. One of the people told me that “somehow we manage to eat two meals but if we are hungry in between we don’t have anything. Initially, when we used to earn we could at least eat properly”. Though the government has started giving cereals on ration card the ground reality is different. Some could achieve it while some are being exploited. We have various kinds of people some are exploiting poor while people like Sonu Sood are helping a lot of people to reach their home.

With the new advisory of living with Corona, railways have also released the guidelines of reaching the station before 90mins. To promote social distancing circles are marked on the station. If you go out to buy essential goods you will see people with masks and sanitizers. All payment is made online. Transaction by hands is avoided.

With several questions unanswered and no certainty on when will Corona go, we can just stay positive and bow our head down in gratitude in front of Almighty to thank him for everything. Spend some good quality time. Though the stress will try to stop you there is always sunshine after a dark night. So the clouds of Corona will burst one day and vanish forever from our lives. Till then be kind and generous to the people around you and try to help them as much as you can.


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