Notes to remember in life

Just as during our academic education we always prepare notes for every lesson. Every lesson in our academic career is very important. It is rightly said as we revise the notes everytime they get instilled in our minds which helps us to achieve good marks. When we are a child we never think about an important lesson known as Life. They are always intrigued about the things which fantasize them. The entire life is a blank chapter for a child which gets filled day by day. With every standard they pass, everyone tells them to make a practice of writing notes. Whatever good you listen or read should be noted. The things which inspire you should be noted, so that when you fall or slide those words will inspire you.

Even during our victory the moments and memories should be noted. As nothing is constant in life, just a day is not constant in terms of temperature and light our life is not constant. It is full of adversity, surprises, achievements, happiness, celebration. All the moments should be noted as the chapters of life. Being a child we always used to note important points of a chapter but when we turn in to an adult the practice of writing notes goes missing. The adolescence has replaced this practice into worries. It is because we have stopped reading our notes all over again which used to inspire and recreate us. Now you have become an adult who just gets up early and like a machine keeps on working towards your monthly targets. Monthly targets and goals govern our lives. We no longer have any control over our lives. Because when we make notes and work towards achieving it, you manage to take out some time for ourselves. But this cute little free time is taken over by the digital world. The moment we get free time we just go to our whatsapp to check the notifications. The days complete in working and chatting.

Once when you are in trouble where few of them remember and ponder over their past. The past stories give us strength and also positivity to crack a situation. If you write notes about every moment you can understand yourself better and you won’t need horoscope or anyone to answer your queries. You yourself will turn your goggle. Write down your experiences, hurdles and also the way you solved them. This could be inspiring for many.

Notes for life.

  1. Wear a Smile always. No matter what is the situation smile on your face looks beautiful
  2. Note good thoughts and make sure you keep those notes always near to you. When you are lonely pick up those notes and memories and walk back to the lane of memories.
  3. Acknowledge Good things in your life and give yourself the credit for the work.
  4. Pamper yourself. Take good care of your health and love thy yourself.
  5. Look for challenges and never look for shortcuts to success.
  6. Work hard and achieve your goals.
  7. Accept your mistakes as it well makes you strong the next time
  8. Trust yourself the most while trusting others less
  9. Give the remote of your life in your life and not to be driven by anyone else.
  10. In the walk of life always look at eternity and solitude.
  11. Look Life with respect as it is the biggest education
  12. Help everyone but first, help yourselves
  13. Never try to disguise in a role in which you can never fit
  14. Don’t try to fool yourself or others
  15. Be crisp and precise in your attitude
  16. Laughter is the biggest medicine
  17. Respect Nature and nature will respect you.
  18. Exercise towards becoming a better human being. Be best for yourself and don’t try to impress anyone.
  19. Listening is the mother of all speaking. You cannot change anyone thinking if he does not want to change so why to waste our time and energy
  20. Time is the best medicine as it heals all wounds.
  21. Live like a free bird or a vast ocean which is vast and wide.
  22. Be positive and be surrounded by positive people.
  23. Be thankful for everything.
  24. Be kind and loyal.
  25. Learn from mistakes

There is no end to making notes. keep on adding and filling it more. After all what we really have valuable in our life are these tiny memoirs.

Start Noting.


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