Old times

Remember the time when food , clothing, and shelter were declared as the basic needs. Today also in the time of Corona during lockdown everyone ran to stock daily livelihood like foodgrains and all. Even today food is the most important. All shops are closed only grocery and vegetable shops are open. During ancient time our ancestors worried only about food clothing and shelter. They used to spend their entire time cooking delicacy making papad and pickles. They used to perform all their tasks independently and never relied on any help.

In ancient times, people cared more about fitness and health. A few days before also we loved doing shopping every weekend, Clicking selfies while eating brunch and dinner, going on a holiday to spend a good time with family. The Corona has declared all this under “leisure”. Real happiness lies in spending time with your family, cooking food for them, eating together. Reading, spirituality, and health are the most important tools of happiness.

Amidst this pandemic, all shooting for TV and films have come to halt but still, people are glued to their television reliving old cinema. Thirty years ago the show is still entertaining us and people are enjoying it. The shows at that time were family-oriented or based on spiritual stories. The comedy light stories used to entangle the entire family and the house should fill with laughter vibes. A few days ago the television producers to get fresh content every day used to show nudity, violence, and whatnot. But this has taught everyone simple and good stories are still the taste of people. We should never forget our roots.

Our roots are with our mother land. Good thoughts, positivity, and care will only get us all along with each other. Caring about the environment will only make a sustainable planet. We should efficiently use our resources. Our four-wheeler and two-wheeler have become a permanent member of the parking. We used to always look for the most expensive cars but during an emergency, our cars are being left helpless. I am sure the situation will surely going to end but we all will return with new normal, new thoughts.

The current situation is to help each other, feed the needy people, Because of this lockdown, the worst hits are the migrant workers and daily wages, people. They don’t have any earning daily to buy food so we have to come forth and help each other. We should take things with peace and helping attitude.

The world used to look small but now with flights stranded, trains canceled and deserted roads the journey seems to be endless.

Hoping for the things to be better soon!

Stay Positive capture some good moments.Stay connected, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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