Packing and unpacking

Packing and unpacking

Life is all about a matter of belonging. You start living at a place and that becomes your beautiful abode. Each and every article or nonliving things which you own in your house becomes living things for you. No matter wherever you go in the world , the real peace lies in coming back to home. Home is not a place , its a feeling. A feeling to share happiness, joy, sorrow and moments.

There is always a corner in our home which is our favorite place. That corner of the room fills you with bliss. You love to sit at that place with a cup of coffee and if you are a book worm. Sitting with your book will drive your hues. You decorate each and every corner with much love, patience. Thus cherish the homely atmosphere. There is so much warmth in our home. You sometimes drool to go back home and sit at our favorite corner. Our favorite corner sometimes cheers our mood and helps you make decisions.

Now if you get to know that you are getting relocated and you need to shit to another city. The first thing which appears to our mind is how will we live without our home. I had decorated it so well. What we will do of all the articles and luggage. But life is all about packing and unpacking. The moment you start packing you start to pack memories also with the luggage. While packing you feel the pain ,you remember the time when you painted your home with love. You feel its just a while ,you had decoded everything and now its the time to bid adieu to all the memories. Now the time comes to sell off some furniture or articles which you bought with lot of taste. Given an option you would carry all the stuff with you but there are always obligation with the amount of luggage you can carry, lets you to leave some of your luggage.

When you just roam in the house before saying it bye. Every hook and corner reminds you of the time spent with your family and friends. Maybe the time you spent alone, a place which composed you, a place where your tears rolled off without hesitation. Your favorite corner keeps calling you to sit and have last coffee and finally you capture that corner #favoritecorner #myhome #beautifulmemories. When you start to lock your home there is a lump in your throat, you cannot speak anything for a while. Its a feeling of nostalgia. It revives only once you land at the place where you will unpack and start to design your new home.

Unpacking things gives you a drive of excitement as to where you will put things in place. How to again decor the home. The place is all empty only your love can make it a home. You will start weaving the thread slowly and steadily to call it your abode. It is always like this while leaving the old things you always become sad but that is what is life about new opportunities new dreams and a new beginning. A change is always difficult to accept but its always the best.

19 thoughts on “Packing and unpacking

  1. I’ll be doing this in my near future & can completely identify with this. Great tips.

  2. I definitely agree with this post. For me packing is the most annoying thing but i love to unpack in a brand new place and decorate it to make it my own!

  3. Great read. I like how you also painted the image of packing physical and non-physical things when moving.

  4. Oh man! We move so much that I’ve grown to really dislike it. And now we have two kiddos, so it’s such an ordeal to pack and unpack!

  5. As a military family, we have moved quite a bit. Each move we get to decide how we want to use the space and the environment we want to create.

  6. I loved reading this. We are about to do this again (4 times in 5 years)!

  7. I love that you talk about packing and unpacking memories. I’ve never thought of that before. That’s a really good perspective.

  8. I love this post <3. We just moved recently and I remember walking around with my toddler talking about our special moments in each part of the house!

  9. One reason I’ve always liked moving is so that I can pack, unpack & redecorate! Great post!

  10. So glad to see this post unpacking things is one of my favorite things to do! It’s so much fun but I absolute hate packing it’s so bad that I eventually just throw everything in a bag or box in no sense of order

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