What is Paradise?

We all love vacations and long for it. Vacations are rejuvenating. Ideally to decide paradise or destination you will come across people asking you are in love with beaches or mountains. It is difficult to answer what you actually like if you have not explored much. Several people who are beach animal love each and every part of the beach. They love sitting on the velvet sand. Watching sun in the horizon rising and dipping. The glaring brilliant orange sun slowly dipping towards the horizon. The sight of sunset is mesmerising. Beach lovers are in awe with sunrise and sunset.

moon kissing sea
moon kissing sea

The sight of drowning sun in the sea spread the radiant colours of hue. As the hours pass the soothing water blended in the colours of pink and red thus giving soothing experience. The entire environment becomes calm after the sunset. The salty breeze ruffles the hair and cold breeze can be felt on your face. With nowhere trees around the breeze constantly entertain with a rustling sound. The relaxing sound of waves travelling to the shore and slipping across the feet gives a magical feeling. The joy of being in tune with the ocean, wind, sky, and heart is inexpressible.

This feeling refreshes us from within and you get some time talking, admiring to nature. Thus creating beautiful memories. After the sunset, the bright moon rises from the horizon thus embracing the beauty of nature. Moon spreads the love to the ocean and finally blending the ocean in different colors. You just can’t stop your  eyes from admiring this beauty.Beaches are always surprising.

snowy mountains
paradise on snowy mountains

If you thoroughly are a mountain lover, the snow-capped mountains can only heal you. The snowy mountains spread across the horizon is a paradise. Your eyes are constantly capturing this panorama into your eyes. The sun peeks from behind the clouds and as the sunshine falls on the snow it starts glittering. The clouds and sun constantly play hide and seek. Winds also slow down and fasten in a while giving you shivering sensation. Playing with snow and throwing snowballs on each other is lovely. Getting cozy into blankets and waking up late in the morning fills your holiday with much-needed relaxation. The mountain ranges shrill you with surprising freezing temperatures. On the mountains you usually love eating Maggi, noodles, momos with hot tea. Every travel diary includes tea as the most important beverages. On the mountains, you find kullad chai as their specialty.


Mountains and beaches both are pristine. Besides that the backpack for each case differs a lot because for beaches you prefer a short dresses and sunscreen and sunglasses as the most important item. While for mountains cold cream, jackets, woollen wear are the important items.  The most important thing to enjoy any paradise is to give time and delete worry from the list. Just enjoy the best and create wonderful memories.

So where are you heading next?

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  1. Come to my land Kashmir and witness yourself what is paradise. It is really Heaven on the earth.

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