Parenting is no cup of tea. The newbie parents are on cloud nine with the birth of their little munchkin. But the happiness reaches the pinnacle each day by looking at the infectious smile of their baby. But alone happiness is not sufficient to parent them. You require to add skills to deal with their moods. This is the most difficult yet the cutest task. To see your baby growing each day is the most divine thing.The bottles are replaced by milk bottles, playlists are replaced by lullabies, novels are replaced by parenting books. The nights turn sleepless. Life takes a tumble roller coaster ride.Shopping cart is filled with diapers and tissues.The cart which used to be filled with the designers accessories is replaced by infant wear.

Soon after the birth of the baby, several women go through postpartum depression because they are not able to cope up with the new responsibilities which leads to several physical physicological and emotional changesThis disrups hormonal balance and they slip in to depression. This is not easy your life suffers a severe transformation. With a week body feeding after every two hours frustates your body. Though you love feeding but your back and neck is not falling in love with it.

The only medicine to is family love and support. Without their care and love its a nightmare. With every time your baby takes hiccups to the time they dont take burp. With changing nappies to making them sleep we need guidance and someone who says its normal it happens with every baby. Because any thing different you see with your baby fear grips your body.

Responsibility is such a small word you need to share your energy and time . Moms needs to eat healthy because their baby is still consuming their milk.

Motherhood and parenthood teaches us to be a little patient and be selfless.

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