Perfect Couple -Part 1

Dhruv and kavya both are professionals who have got married a year before and are juggling between personal and professional life.In the race where everyone is trying to post their perfect couple pictures on social sites , same are Dhruv and kavya running behind it.But is it the true happiness lets find out!

Kavya: Weekend is coming and what are you actually planning for it. Are we going to Goa? Last week my friends were at Goa and they really  had a blast. She even posted pictures with a hashtag #feelinghappy.

Dhruv: Not possible this week,may be some other time.

Kavya: You always give reasons. Don’t you feel we are boring.

Dhruv : Its not about boring I have an improtant meeting scheduled on Saturday morning.Its  just that I am bit occupied.

Kavya : Okay fine so lets plan our Sunday as perfect. Like Sunday Morning we will go to one of the best places for  breakfast. Then we can go for a movie. In the evening we can meet our friends and may be have dinner at Italian restaurant.

Dhruv: Okay baby ,Done.

Kavya: Yes for Sunday i will wear my favorite dress.♥

On Sunday Morning the sun has risen and the day has all started.

Kavya : Wake up! it’s already 10:00 am we are getting late. Common get up faster, we also need to decide which restaurant we are going.

Dhruv: Lets go to our favorite restaurant, I love their food.I will check for some offers on Zomato.

Kavya: Oh No! we are not going to the same restaurant. You always want to go to same places. Lets explore a new hotel.

Dhruv: Fine , you check on the hotels and then we will go.

Kavya:You are  not helping me with the venue it’s already 12:00pm.  Breakfast wont be available at many places.

Dhruv: So what, let’s go out for lunch,as i am very  hungry.Mean while eat these bread toast and enjoy with tea.

Kavya: I have booked movie tickets for 1:00 pm.We are already getting late.

Dhruv: Oosh,Okay so for lunch i have figured out a good hotel and they really have good kababs. I have seen the review.Okay after movie we are going to that restaurant .

Kavya:  Did you like the movie? I loved it.

Dhruv: I felt like sleeping in the movie and was wondering about kababs?

Kavya; Oh i forgot we have to go to grocery store ,i need to buy lots of vegetables and fruits.

Dhruv: We can order it online from big basket ,i am hungry and want to have lunch.I told you i want to have those kababs.

Waiter: Sorry Sir,lunch is closed. We can offer masala Dosa, Idli

Dhruv: Bhaiya ,please check inside if you are left with some.

Waiter: You can come later after 7pm, do you want to order something?

Dhruv: Get me Coffee!

Kavya: Why are you getting pissed off, order something?

Dhruv: I had told you before,hurry up?

Kavya:  Okay cheer up enjoy coffee then will watch your favorite series , which you want to watch.Lets watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Dhruv: I want to watch football match .Hurray! So do not   disturb?

Kavya: Its 8pm and we did not do anything. We wasted the entire day. Everyone so enjoying their weekend and having a blast. We are just watching each other.

Dhruv: Okay come I will show you something very exciting and interesting. I am sure you will love it.Ok lets prepare dinner together and then may be you can post that picture on instagram,What say? He chuckles.?


At 10pm both of them in their balconies under the sky and stars. Kavya says ” I am so stupid ,i was running just to make a perfect Sunday by going out, posting it on instagram. but this is what is real sunday where you  get to spend some time with each other” Dhruv participated in discussion -“Yes ,You actually participate in each other activities rather than running.The entire week we hardly see each other so at least over weekends we can spend some good time”

Dhruv says yes of course weekend is about how we both want to make.It is  not about how others are spending. It’s in the little things which make both of us happy. ♥♥

I think you are right Dhruv. Happiness is in little things which we ignore.

Kavya: Someone is getting smarter staying with me, chuckles?

Dhruv : Yes why not!♥ Thank you anyways.

Kavya: For what?

Dhruv: Just like that!

Kavya: You made my day,I should thank you ♥









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  1. I love this little couple thing. I am 32 and this is the first time I am in a relationship and I’m thinking, am I boring him out or is he the one who is boring? But the thing is, it is the beauty of everyday love in a normal relationship. Cheers and stay happy and in love! =)

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