Perfect Couple-Part V

Perfect Couple-Part 5

6 months later?

Kavya: Dhruv, dont you think life has become too monotonous?

Dhruv: Busy in his mobile, pokes his face out of mobile and questions “monotonous”

Kavya: Aree, I mean monotonous, Before our conversations were different and little more lively.

Dhruv: You girls need to be occupied, Else you start running your brains ?

Kavya: Ya like you boys don’t use your brains as if, the entire day you use your brain circulating memes regarding BJP and Congress. During IPL your brain and time both are only for them. At least we girls use our brains for ourselves.

Dhruv: (Sighs) Take a deep breath, Okay say me what it is all about? I did not mean to aggravate things, you are here with me that’s all a gem for me:P

Kavya: Dhruv…….from where you get these cheesy lines ?I mean now we only talk about groceries and eateries. Sometimes to add on we fuss about helpers. Moreover, discussions just include your family and my family. Unlike before we used to talk about us. About the good time we had spent and we always longed for spending good time.

Dhruv: Ya but ,then we were far from each other so we made plans.

Kavya: It was not that way, we made plans for each other, Now as we are together that does not mean we are having good time asking each other “what’s on the dinner today”.?

Dhruv: Oh really, I never wondered about this! What’s in that, we will go out for dinner.

Kavya: It is not about just a dinner, tell me where have we gone out since a while, when did you give me the gift last time?

Dhruv: Trying to recollect, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………?

Kavya: Think, you won’t recollect. It’s just that we have become a super boring couple who spend most of the time in arranging home and kitchen. The remaining time goes in making each other follow rituals and traditions. The leftover time goes in fighting about proving each other right or wrong. To add more spice talking about each other families add a cherry on that spoiled cake.

Dhruv: What are you fussing about? Can you be more clear?

Kavya: I just want to say that I have married you to spend good time and live life to the best. You are my priority. Everything else is important but not more important than you. Since last 6 months, we gave every other thing too much importance than ourselves.

Dhruv: (winks) You rather need a vacation or good time baby 😉 Okay check your email I had sent you the password of my account. I am not able to recollect.

Kavya: You never take me seriously. I am talking to you something very serious and you are talking about a password. Whats this ” Your reservation and booking Confirmed”

Hey Dhruv, see there is some mail, I swear I have not done any booking.

Dhruv: Idiot, its a surprise for you, You girls always long for surprises and when we give a one you literally surprise us. We are going to Zurich this weekend”❤️

Kavya: Oh my God! really when did you plan this, like I am not able to digest. ?

Dhruv: I booked it last week, thought of giving you a surprise. And yes even I don’t want us to be called a boring couple. The primary thing is our happiness other all parameters revolve around that.

Kavya: ?

Okay, lunch is ready, let us have it, I wanna go shopping after that :P. By the way thanks for the lovely surprise.

Dhruv: Laughs, it so easy to make girls happy, but still we forget in the run of life. Just a small thing and smile just stick to their face. ❤️

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