Perfect Couple-Part II

Dhruv and kavya are happily married and they still cherish that day every day. Dhruv and kavya both are hardworking and committed towards their work. Dhruv got an opportunity in Europe and has moved to Europe for further good opportunities. While Kavya stayed back in Mumbai thinking about her career and future opportunities. Being her promotion year she was a bit hesitant in relocating to Europe. So both of them decided to continue with their work commitments and both of them proceed with their lives.

6 months later:-

Dhruv: I think you should come to Europe now, it’s a good place to settle and you will love it.

Kavya: I too want to come to Europe but you know I love my job as well, give me some more time.

Dhruv: I understand but its almost 6 months, how long you will continue like this. One day you have to bid goodbye to that firm.

Kavya: Obviously I don’t want to work here for a lifetime, it’s just for a while. I want my promotion as it will sum up my hard work for the entire year. I will soon apply for a visa and even visa will take time to process. Till that time i can work and after that straight to Europe besides you.

Dhruv: Fine

Kavya: You there….You there….

Dhruv: I think we should talk later.

1 week later

Dhruv: All my friends are settled with their wives and I really miss you so much.

Kavya: I miss you too but……

Dhruv: Don’t you realize we are lagging in our relationship. We don’t give time to each other. We are doing justice to our work and not for each other. I understand your concern and totally respect it.

Kavya: It is for our future. I am saving money for our better future so that we can live better. Moreover, I don’t want to be a burden on you. After coming to Europe I will have difficulty finding a job. Moreover, I am not able to accept that fact. I have been working for years.

Dhruv: Do you doubt my capabilities. I am working and settled properly. I can take care of us. You don’t need to worry.

Kavya: I don’t doubt your capabilities. It is just about independence. I have lived life independently. After I have started my career I have lived an independent life.

Dhruv: I respect your opinion. But there is always a first time and husband-wife relation lays on the foundation of trust. To cherish a new phase in your life you have to leave your old projects. Unless and until you leave old opportunities, how new opportunities will follow you.

Kavya: I know I can chase new opportunities but I don’t know somehow it is very difficult to leave everything and come to you.I also want to live a normal life with you.

Dhruv: I know I understand you completely, its just I get restless sometimes so I discuss with you.

1 month later

Dhruv: I am planning to shift into a new apartment so that by the time you come here our home will be arranged.

Kavya: Our home sounds so cute. I am longing for it. Now we call our residing places as rooms and not home. Home can be always one and that too when we are together. I am planning to resign tomorrow.

Dhruv: Cool, I hope you are happy with the decision.

Kavya: I don’t know I have a rush of mixed emotions. I am happy finally we will be together at the same time I am worried about my financial security. But to be true I am happy. I will have to hang up the call there is someone’s call on waiting, I have to attend that.

After a while, kavya send a message to Dhruv

Message from Kavya ” There was a call from the visa office they have said there is some problem with the documents. The process will be delayed”

Both kavya and Dhruv are shattered now they want to be together and want to fly soon but this visa siyappa.

To be Continued…..



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  1. I am stunned to find such a wonderful blog. Thanks, dear, I will remain in touch with to get some good ideas from you. I like such stories having the power to change you.

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