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Perfect Couple-Part III

Dhruv and Kavya were so excited that finally they will settle in Europe and have a great life but a call from the visa company has poured water on their desires. The visa officer says there is some problem in the documents and proof of accommodation. Moreover, they want the detailed breakup of our financial savings.

Kavya: Dhruv its a mess, I don’t know what more I need to submit. I am messed up. How will I manage all these things alone?

Dhruv: I had told you to sort out the issue of visa well in advance. Now its only visa problem we are stuck. But no worry I will forward you the agent number, coordinate with him. He can actually help with the clarification. If this time we are not able to convince them the visa may get rejected. Then you can apply after 3-4 days. The entire process will be tiresome. So be careful. I will forward you all necessary documents and will speak to the agent.

Kavya: Thank you, ok will talk later

In the morning at 11 am kavya heads to the visa office with the agent and submits all necessary documents.

Dhruv: What happened? Did things go well?

Kavya: Yes hopefully its done, in a weeks time we should have the confirmation. Then we can book tickets.

The next day.

Kavya heads to the office and decides to speak to the Manager. But he is out of town so the process gets delayed.

2 weeks later..

Kavya: Finally, I got the Schengen visa, happy us ♥ Now I will book the tickets.

Dhruv: Tell me I will book for you, end of this month is fine?

Kavya: No, I have not submitted resignation at least  2 months notice I have to serve. I could not talk to my manager and I was not sure when will this visa issue will be solved.

Dhruv: Fine, So I will book for April

Kavya: Yes 10th April should be perfect. Go ahead♥

Kavya speaks to the manager and to her dismay he agrees her resignation without notice period. He asks her to get her full and final payment by the day after tomorrow and then she can leave. Kavya broke into tears in the washroom. The company I served for the last 5 years needs me no more. I should be happy that now I can go early and that’s what I wanted but the way he spoke to me I felt disheartened. It was because of this job I have kept Dhruv waiting for me.

Her phone blinks “Message from Dhruv”- Tickets booked for 10th April. waiting to see you soon ♥♥♥ <3

Kavya burst into tears and decides to leave early from office.After  going home she calls Dhruv.

Kavya: It’s all mess He has asked me to leave within two days. They no more need me. I am hurt.

Dhruv: What does that mean? Its a policy how can he do that?

Kavya: He has got my replacement and she has already joined.

Dhruv: But how did he came to know that you will resign and when did he make this plan?

Kavya: I think Neha told him that I am running for a visa and will shift soon. Then his mind hatched a plan. Its good that I will get to leave early but its just that for a “company you were everything and you worked was hard but now you are just a piece of paper.”

Dhruv: I had made you understand before but it is fine. Leave it. Don’t stress. Cheer up. Should I reschedule tickets?

Kavya: No it will cost us more. Is it cheap?

Dhruv: No, it’s fine at least we can bear that.

Kavya: Give me sometime let me figure out.

At night 10:00pm

Kavya: Dhruv, I spoke to mom she was like, Come home for some days. then when we will meet you. You will go to Europe. So I am planning to go home after packing up from Mumbai.

Dhruv: Ya that’s a better idea. Go get yourself pampered and relax baby. Nothing is permanent in life. All comes at a cost.

2 weeks later

Dhruv; Where are you? No call no message.Busy busy!

Kavya: Aree there are so many relatives at home so was busy helping mummy. After a long time, I had home cooked rajma rice. I am loving it.

Dhruv: Please don’t talk about food. How I survive here I only Know. Get some foodstuff from India like pickle, papad, chutney and all. Rest all clothing you will get here but Indian food is a rare sight.

Kavya: Yes mom has made mango and lemon pickle. Well, I got a call from your mom today. She was asking me to come and also there isa wedding of your cousin sister.

Dhruv: Yes Nishi, I am so missing it. Everyone is so excited for the wedding. She had called me too. If you will go they will feel happy.

Kavya: I will go for a week. I will have to do shopping of traditional outfit. Chalo I am hanging up the call. Going for shopping.

30 days to go to Europe………..To be continued…………


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