Phase of life

Phases of life

Ever wondered how beautiful our life is curated with different phases of life, from the time of birth to giving birth we are being occupied. At the time of our birth, we join this motherland with a cry and start adapting to this environment every day. We enjoy the lush, pamper and tension free life. What we actually think about is just playing and food. While at the time of our birth our mother goes through a lot of hurdles and hormones change in their body. They are also living a phase of life which only they can understand. Every birthday which we celebrate is a day of celebration for everyone but for our mother she had gone through immense pain to deliver us. But still, she is not complaining about it but is the happiest one. It is just a thought to ponder for a while, life is so beautiful, which is full of compromises sacrifices and lots of love.

To shuffle or shift from one phase you have to drift and adopt a change. All the phases of life are not the same. Be it getting married your life rotates 360 degrees with the people, lifestyle and environmental changes. You find it difficult to accept but then everyone just says its a phase of life and its the law of nature through which everyone goes . Just in a similar way to enter the motherhood phase you have to go through a lot of physiological and hormonal changes. No phase of life is easy like crossing a signal or line. You have to be ready for a bag full of changes.

These changes don’t make us a week but make us stronger every time when we enter the new phase. What gets add on is the experience. Every time we realize the pain which we had felt before was nothing but with the new challenges every emotion double. Be it joy or pain the bandwidth changes by DB. At every new wavelength, we have to adopt new filters to absorb or reflect some. The filters throughout our life change like the spectrum. The phase of old age which everyone fears to enter is the most last phase wherein you have crossed all the phases and have entered the last phase of life.

We come to birth only to live all the phases of life with umpteen perfection and happiness. We always try to weave a nest which is full of glory and bliss. But life always put its own challenges and makes it more adventurous for us. Life with every phase just teaches us to be strong and never give up. It’s only your will power who will help you cross every Zebra crossing.We take birth alone and leave for the paradise alone, in the walk of life we just build many relationships to enter every phase of life. The guild of life is weaved with so much perfection that we ultimately reach to our destination.The ultimate destination is the motto of our birth. Time of every phase is fixed however hard you try to prepone or postpone it is impossible for you. You are born with a notebook in which every phase is marked on a calendar wherein date, day and time are fixed.Its just that it’s a surprise for us?

So why to worry about something which is not in our hand.Let destiny only solve for you.Allow destiny to glorify and introduce you to every phase.

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