Ever since childhood whenever I used to see a woman with a baby bump I used to get goosebumps. My mind used to ponder how difficult it might be for women to carry a baby. I used to fear labor and much more. At that time we come across various people cherishing ” Motherhood is the most important phase of our life” “It is very simple”. Some women exercise, swim, roam the world. But I was never able to digest the fact. I used to always feel how a woman can risk their lives or play with her body. Many questions and fears used to revolve. In short, I concluded its most difficult job.

It was only when I saw small children cuddling their mom and saying “My mom is the best” I started feeling one should have their own soul to complete the family. A small child brings bliss to the entire family. Feelings of many people are connected with that child. It was only after this my opinion started changing and I took a pledge to overcome my fear.

When I was pregnant I realized “Pregnancy is Natural” It is just a physiological change in our body. Our body goes through various physiological and emotional changes. The body of women is being designed to deliver a baby. Our hormones, uterus different parts of the body are devised to carry a baby with ease. The span of 9 months is a miracle journey to discover what our body can do. Women really have great potential and we should be proud of it.

Myths of pregnancy start to revolve around you but pregnancy becomes easy when you enjoy it and dun fuss about it. People will start bombarding you with various ideologies”You have to eat double” You cannot eat ice cream” “You are not supposed to sit like this”You cannot fold your legs”You cannot eat n number of food items and what all” Trust me, run away from such people. Follow the doctor’s advice and be happy.

Last but not the least its a God gift you cannot embrace it without the blessings of Almighty.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy

  1. This is the most honest valuation of pregnancy I have read. There is so much scaremongering out there that I nearly didn’t read your post, I am pleased to have stopped by.
    I have four adults who were my babies, now they share their little ones with us. Seven of them in this Grandma’s clutch . Nicely done salt-peppering.

  2. Having children is the most precious natural thing a woman can do despite all the negatives people love to give you. listen to your heart and the advice of doctors only.

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