Season of Rain

I had always fantasized about rains. Though it comes every year for four months. The onset of monsoon has eagerly awaited. As soon as the month of June clocks every one just looks at the sky with the hope of precipitation. The ears just long to listen to the thundering of clouds. The thud-thud sound of clouds makes every creature jovial. The trees start dancing to the tunes of breeze in the velvet of lightning which seems to capture the joy of earth. The background sound of clouds marks the onset of the season. The earth who was all dry for eight months is eagerly waiting for the drops of rain to seep into them.

As soon as the water seeps into the soil the sweet fragrance of soil envelopes the entire atmosphere. The spectators cannot hold their enthusiasm as the moment is perfect and mesmerizing. The beautiful scenery and trees after their first bath in rainwater look so fresh. The aridity which was everywhere is soon turned in to greenery. The hot arid weather who had soaked the water for everyone making everyone dull and dehydrated. The mesmerizing rain with its onset fills everyone with new zeal, hopes and of course too much water.

The importance of rain just cannot be explained. It is the most important season every perennial, farmer keeps looking for the clouds so that they can sow the seeds which can then reap into good crops and ultimately leads to #happyfarming. Better soils lead – better crop-better grains-affordable grains-No scarcity of vegetables. Ultimately better rains are good for the entire ecosystem. Maximum areas are covered under severe drought, the rain would bring relief for many people. The rainwater will seep into the soil and it will be a boon for many for entire 8months. They will use this water for their daily chore activities.

Too much of development is inversely proportional for rains. The incessant rains which we used to receive perennially have vanished. The rains commence and the alerts start buzzing in the headlines. It is because we have not left any space for the water to seep. The brick and mortar road which marks the road of development does not allow the water to seep into them. The less water seeps into the earth and thus less boring water gets accumulated for us. As soon as the rain says adieu the problem of scarcity of water pops in. Just look around you and count trees near you. You can count on your fingers because deforestation has taken a toll on afforestation. It is very important for us to plant trees. For a sustainable environment, we have to become more responsible.

This rainy season what more I can pray is for Good monsoon. Let more and more water seeps into the soil, Every farmer glows with joy seeing their crop dancing in rain. Better agriculture and better monsoon are what I can pray for. In this hot humid weather, my ears are waiting to hear the sound of rains. I want to just feel the splash of rain! Rain, Rain please come soon!

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