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How many of you had a trouble when shopkeeper denied giving you plastic bags?  I guess many of us. Because we never had a practice of carrying bags with us. Lastly we end up carrying in our hand. I remember carrying three four stuffs in my hand 😛 Ideally , you can carry some stuffs but you cannot carry 1 kg onion for those things you need an option.Its very good that government had put a ban completely otherwise we will always keep on waiting for deadlines.Initially we all have to face trouble but initiative is very good.This is for the betterment of entire ecosystem. With this ban  now it had become a practice whenever you step out you carry a cloth bag with your self. This change is for our sustainable future.

While plastics are a convenient way to carry goods, its hazardous for the environment and also adversely affect Ecosystem health.

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Alternatives to Plastic bag

Harmful effects of Plastic are:-

  • Plastic bags pollute our land and water 
  • As they simply litter around they are huge in number but difficult to decompose, thus affecting our ecosystem
  • Petroleum-based plastic bags do not truly degrade. The plastic breaks up into tiny little pieces that end up in the ocean to be consumed by wildlife. 
  • Plastic bags are harmful for wildlife and marine life.
  • Plastic Bags are harmful for human Health.

Bollywood on Plastic Ban

Easy to carry and low in cost, they are always on the desired list for shopkeepers and consumers but environment had to bear a huge cost . Everytime we simply throw our waste in dustbin bags , they get accumulate and  if we try to burn them they release toxins which are harmful for us. Unfortunately, plastic is much more difficult to recycle than materials like glass, aluminum or paper. Most plastic soon ends up in a landfill or incinerator.

no to plastic

So why to use these plastics. Lets change for Good. The future is all waiting for us and we cannot allow these plastic bags to litter around and degrade our environment. We cannot allow our ecosystem to hamper. Start Purging plastics from your life.

Lets take up a challenge for the sustainable future and inspire others to say “No to Plastics”.


  • Your plastic bottles with glass or metals bottles.

Metal Bottles

  •  Your plastic bags with Cloth bags
  • Disposable serveware — usually made of plastic with ceramic or glass wares or stainless steel
  • Black Garbage Bin liners with Kitchen trashes or biodegradable materials.
  • Plastic with Eco-friendly alternatives

I know saying is very easy but after Ban is implemented the real challenges are coming  for milk delivery people and restaurants owners as how to parcel food.. By  now we get milk packed in plastic bags but we still need to find out viable options. It is not easy, its challenging but several options need to work out.Its not Impossible!

Times of India report

On World environment day ,several celebrities have come forward in support of Plastic Ban and are encouraging people for a better ecosystem and sustainable future.

Lets take an oath to say No to Plastics!

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