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This is for all the moms who complaint and ponder “What these millennial do on the phone the entire day? Mom will keep on asking “What is there on your phone, during our times we just used to talk and keep away but these children are on phone 24×7 ” She will keep on yelling “Keep away your phone, you will need to visit optician , The opticians will say your eyes has become dry due to mobile usage. Parents become fussy about the usage of the phone. They always find their children with the phone or beside the phone or over the phone.

The answers to all the parents go this way.

The nanotechnology has curated all the application just a click away. The application store allows you to download as many apps. The more apps on the phone ,more you become dependent on your phone.

Where does the time go on the phone?

It is not we just see the contact book. The morning we wake up the first thing we see are the notifications. Now notifications are not only on text messages. We need to devote time for whatsapp notifications, facebook notifications, twitter handles.🤣 Then we manage to wake up and scroll through the day.

Just then you remember you need to order certain items. Then again you need to browse through your phone to reach amazon and then select your item and place order. The selection of item again consumes your time on phone. To check where your item has reached ,you again need to check the updates. If you are planning to cook a recipe which you are not comfortable you need youtube. The several option lying on our phone has increased our time on phone.

Rather to pick up the phone and call , people keep on explaining their friends colleagues their point of view by chatting. Just as whatspp message notification buzz we ask “Kaun hai” . Me and my husband constantly fight on who stays more on the phone? The answer to our fights is when any one of us is using phone – We say ” who is on phone now”

Instagram was just to upload picture , like and comments but now with the addition of reels, people can spend hours just surfing reels and liking it. Sharing and sending reels to each other. Suddenly you feel bored and wish to turn on songs. You again get engulfed in your phone to reach out to @Gaana , @spotify or @wynk. The selection of songs is again consuming time as you have to select genre , singer , mood.

Gmail how can I forget that. Not one account but people keep on adding accounts to keep themselves updated. They check emails , reply email on phone. Suddenly you remember to pay your monthly bills, you reach out to your UPI app to pay the bill. Your baby is crying and you want him to soothe him you happily play @youtube and browse through hi favorite rhyme and give home the phone.

The most important is Gallery who has the collection of photos. You wish to change the display picture you scroll through the entire gallery and then finally zero down one. You are looking for a service for carpenter ,plumber, beautician you again reach out to your phone to book an appointment on @urbanclap. You coordinate on your phone for so many services and schedules.

After seeing all good pictures and scenic view on the @instgaram and @facebook we even go in the imaginary mode. “When will we go to this location, all are on vacation only I am at home”:p The phone and you sympathize with each other. If you want to see a particular date will fall on which date you call your robot and visit the calender.

For the people who love to watch series, movies , serials mobile has enrolled entertainment app also on their device. @Hotstar, @amazon prime, @voot,@sonyLiv watching shows and series on these app again plunges you on your phone. To book a cab we open Ola or uber. Fitness app like Sarva app record your steps so even while walking or exercising your phone is with u. To every problem there is one solution which is app which lie on our phone.

Now Parents you tell us what we can do, we are helpless we have so much dependency on the phones, cant help!🤪

After providing these services your phone also notify you weekly screen time average :🙈

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