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Stages of Pregnancy

The span of 9-month pregnancy is itself an altogether a different experience. Every day and month itself is a surprise. These days every preggy is all glued to the constant app which keeps on updating the symptoms on day to day basis. Unlike the old days where the only access were grandmothers or mothers who used to keep on updating about all the issues. The pregnancy itself is divided into three trimesters.

1st Trimester. The time when you perform the pregnancy test and when it comes out positive. The feeling of carrying your bundle of joy is marvelous and out of bound. To-be mother is just not able to grasp the fact that she is carrying a fetus in her womb. She is on cloud 9 and not able to understand what is to be done. Then she comes out to know that the first trimester is the most crucial part of pregnancy which is true. If you are aware and careful in your first trimester you will have a fruitful pregnancy. Discuss with your doctor on the do’s and dont’s in that trimester. The precautions differ with the body.

Discuss with the doctor about traveling. How long and what distance is safe to travel. One should avoid any kind of excursion. The first trimester is a bit difficult compared to another trimester. Acidity, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, food aversion are the most common symptoms. You need to avoid taking any medicines without consulting any doctor. Try to ask the doctor what all you can eat. Try to eat little at small intervals. Avoid oily and spicy food. Extra precaution is what is required for this trimester.

2nd Trimester: Your baby is growing and all the organs which are required to function your body have grown. All the crucial organs are well developed and are functioning properly to keep your baby safe. This is the babymoon period. You can travel consulting your doctor take a break and Enjoy the phase. Pregnancy is a physiological change which leads to emotional stress so you need a break to refresh.Acidity, vomiting, and heartburn have decreased or almost omitted by now. You just need to eat and stay healthy. Include pulses, fruits, juices and follow diet chart prescribed by your doctor. Avoid lifting heavy objects. NT scan is what prescribed in your 5th month so that you are assured of the growth of organs of your baby.

3rd Trimester: This is the time of the festival as your baby is fully developed and is getting bigger and bigger every day. Your baby is trying to gain weight so you need to eat healthily. This trimester is celebrated by the baby shower ceremony. Both moms to be and dad to be are just curious and happy to meet their baby. This trimester is difficult in a way as you have gained a lot of weight you suffer problems while sleeping. As the uterus has grown size you witness pain on the lower side while getting up. perform your daily routine tests just to be sure of your health. Sonography is performed which will reveal your due date and thus the curiosity increases. Don’t stress much, avoid lifting heavy objects. Talk to your doctor about anxiety of labor pain. Discuss on normal delivery and C-section. By now you might have developed a bond with your doctor so discuss all your doubts.

Your baby is listening to you and watching you and is just waiting eagerly to be in your arms. So take good care of yourself. “

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