The best Baby Mositurizing lotion

If you ask me the best baby Moisturizing lotion which I would prefer?

My answer is Cetaphil Baby Lotion

Here is an answer to yours Why?

When it comes to my baby’s skin I am extra possessive. My baby’s skin is dry and sensitive. During winters his cheeks used to dry and turn red and sore. I have tried multiple products which I may list down but the product which solved my hassle was -Cetaphil baby moisturing lotion. The skin care products need to soothe our skin.

Summary of the product:-Cetaphil is recommended by dermatologist and paedetrician. It consists of shea butter. Its a perfect combination of glycerine and shea butter. It also consist of soyabean and sunflower oil. Its protects and moisturizes baby delicate skin. Its composition is mineral oil free and hypoallergenic formula hydrates softens and nourishes the baby skin. This is very effective for dry skin and sensitive skin.

Review: If you personally ask my review. Its 5 out of 5.For the people who have dry skin they are the most irriated during winters. I would recommend to use Cetaphil lotion. It provides proper nourishment and your skin feels good. No more dry and itching skin recurrs. The skin gets good moisturization hence feels soft. You can apply after the bath and the mositure stays for hours. You dont need to apply after every hour. If required you can use twice or thrice a day.

Comparison: I personally have dry and sensitive skin. Same is with my baby. I tried multiple products from Mama Earth and normal body lotions(Parachute, Vaseline, Nivea) . The normal lotions are effective during all other seasons except winters. I tend to reapply them many times a day and the result was not that effective. I am strictly talking about dry and sensitive skin. Even Mama earth I had tried but not up to the mark. Cetaphil has a large variety of brands for all skin types. They even have the products for dry to very dry skin.

How to buy: You can find these products easily near to your locations. It can be found at any medical shop or you can even buy online from various platforms like amazon.

The Cetaphil has recently launched new products. They have upgraded their premium brands with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Panthenol (Vitamin B5), and hydrating Glycerin to improve skin’s overall resilience. 

We are all very particular about our skin care products. When it comes to the moisturizer or moisturzing lotion we can never go wrong. Today many of them prefer shea butter lotion which softens the skin. In the market there are many best lotions for dry skin.With this piece I have shared my piece of experience.

Do try and let me know your feedback!

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