Best life lessons

The life lessons and rules for success

Success is not always in terms of ladder or promotion or increments.It can be a success on the motivational level.Every year when you celebrate your birthday you are a year older in terms of maturity and experience.Because you have added one more year of experience.You may always google best books for life lessons but no book can teach you what you can learn through your experience.

I would like to share some of the lessons that I have learnt and still learning each day.We should never stop learning.

1)Never ever stop loving yourself: Be like a birthday cake wherein you keep on adding the toppings and improving the finishing of cream. Try to imporve yourself, add new things and dont change yourself.

2)There is always a first time: You are a lover of vanilla essence and always prefer vanilla cake on your birthday but you should try pineapple,red velvet,chocolate flavor cakes. The moral is to say that you should adopt changes easily. You should not be hesitant in trying new things.

3) You should never Compare: My birthday cake was not that proper as my friends one.His cream and bread was too soft. You should never compare with others because you never know what one has gone through or going through in their life.We all are here to fight our own struggle and not compare others struggles to us.Be the cherry of your own cake.

4) Prioritise Your things: It is you who will decide what is more important for you on your birthday. Simply cake will do or it has to be a theme cake or pull me up cake or pinate cake. Just because people are mananging everything and you are disappointed by yourself.Try to remind yourself what is important for you.Everyone has their own priorites and have the backup plan to refill their priority.

5)Live for happiness: Cutting cake on my birthday gives me happiness. Try to always step in the shoes of happiness.Run behind the reasons to find happiness. If you are happy your health is happy,if your health is happy,your pocket is happy,if your pocket is happy you are saving more and increasing your package.

6) Health is Wealth: Cake always put on calories but one day in a year wont make you fat:p There are 24hours in a day. We have dedicated time to watch tv ,laptop ,sleep,eat and chit chat. What is the timetable for your health? People often answer yes in the morning I do my normal chores, those are routine. Health is when you nourish , stretch and relax your body.

7)Anger impacts your mental health: “No cake on my birthday spoilt my birthday”. If you take this line very seriously you may impact your mental health. By feeling on the checklist this activity is not done.Dont fuss about things.Talk to people ,discuss with others and you realise all are in the same boat.Everyone needs some one to swim with them. Focus on your mental heath.

8)Memories are important: Every year on your birthday you have a pricture with cake cutting which may look you childish but these are the memories that we cherish and carry with us lifelong.Life is short or long we dont know but it should be filled with fun and happiness.

9) Point of Differences: Every one has their own point of view “She is 50 and still cutting cake”. But this is someone’s opinion and it should not matter us. What should matter is our happiness and not others opinion. People are here to give judgements and opinions and we cannot follow everyone. Some opinions could be followed while some cannot but this should not impact your replations with your family. Family is very important. it is said the people with family around them are the wealthier ones.

10) Try to forgive: We also use cake to gain forgiveness. They are that sweet:p We all make mistakes.No one is perfect here so we should always be a giver seeking that we also can be at fault.

Lessons learnt in life or read from the books Best Book for life lessons all are motivated by people’s experiences. So write your own experience and try to improve your flaws and improvise on your activities and just be happy and thankful for all reasons.

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