The Room Partners

When you step out from your comfort zone, from your home to this fascinating world for your studies or to chase your dreams then you meet a different kind of people. And from those many ppl, a few are those with whom we choose to live. They become an integral part of your life. As you share a lot of cherishing moment with them , they become your second family . With whom you share your birthday , ups and downs of a day. Their company makes you feel cozy in a new isolated place.Every room partner shares a #maggi moment with their room partner.

Share some beautiful moments with your room partner

In the phase of bachelor life, we must always opt to live in a hostel or a place other than our home, so that we can enjoy these cute moments.

But yes, it’s needed that you get a good partner as your roommate. The person who is a bit compromising, mad, caring and understanding. If your roommate has all these qualities then you will definitely be going to create some life long beautiful memories.


When we step out from our home to some new place we need to share our room to some unknown person at that time there are mixed feelings in our heart like fear, joy & curiosity. After a few days or weeks of time, we become good buddies. We eat together, laugh together, go out for movies and shopping together.

If your roommates are from different religion, culture or state then you have a great opportunity to learn many things like their culture and especially their food.

And after sharing some very cherish moments together we all have to leave each other. That is really emotional and touching phase to say bye to late night gup shup buddies. But this is the fact of life that nothing is permanent so is our roommates too.

So this one is for all sweet and lovely roommates. And this is an advice to all bachelor guys go and enjoy this life once.

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