The Silence-Chapter 1

3am at night Vasu woke up in sleep horrified , sweat was pouring from his forehead. Vasu was not able to understand if there was a power cut or he had a bad dream. Jaya the wife of Vasu has left him with their daughter shreya. She had returned to her parents home. Vasu was bereaved and alone. Ramu used to come early morning to do all home chores.

The clock struck 7am but Vasu was awake that night. He decided to get up and rush to his work. He was a journalist by profession. He used to the host the prime show and his show used to top the TRP. Vasu has always believed to run behind success and so he was the most successful. When you are successful people follow you. Same was with Vasu, he was always admired by his juniors and colleagues. Every female colleague wish to host a show with him. Such was his charisma and comardie with his colleagues. Life has now taken a toll on his destiny. Jaya always complained him about not spending time with her and his daughter. Vasu used to always garner his presence in parties, team dinner and events.

It was Shreya’s first birthday ,Jaya requested him to come on time to celebrate their daughter birthday but Vasu choose to go on a quite dinner with his female colleague celebrating the success of weekly TRP. This irked Jaya very much as it was not the first time. Vasu used to forget all responsibilities related to house.With one year old daughter Jaya used to struggle for every thing.

Zrrrrrrr bustled his toaster. He took his bread with tea and left for the day.

The ConfrontChapter 2

11am: The phone on the desk ranged and there was a call from his boss. He enquired about his wherabouts. Vasu has always received appreciation but this time he was sensing some bad omen. His boss told him about the falling TRP of his show. It has consecutively declined. There was a sharp fall in TRP. This came as a shock, Vasu was bewildered and he did not utter a word, he was gazing at his boss. When his boss said the channel has decided to shift his show from Prime time to after 3:30pm after the regular television update.

Vasu said to his boss that I am working hard on all the content and covering the stories properly. He makes sure that all headlines are well aligned and facts are checked. His boss replied “something has changed that is why this TRP has dwindled,I think you should take a short vacation. See you after a week”.

Without facing anyone Vasu left home. The walls of his home were shady with cracks fan were covered with dirt, what he felt was vacuum in the heart. Today he noticed his home. All the years he used to just run away from home early morning and came home back late at night. Vasu recalled what his wife used to say him. Jaya used to tell him to take up the maintenance work of home as she used to spend the entire day at home but he never payed a heed ear.

The sound of his fan was making errrrrrrrrrr sound and that’s the only voice he could hear. The sound was irritating him and making him more irritated. Every time Jaya used to put Shreya to sleep she used to wake up with this frantic sound of fan. Vasu was remembering the words quoted by Jaya but it was late to realize as she has left his home.

Vasu decided to call his wife. All this year he never even glanced at his daughter. His work and priority always kept him busy. He kept on scrolling through his gallery to look for Shreya’s photo but his gallery was filled with stories, buzz news and articles.Vasu opened his whatsapp and looked for Jaya dp which has no photo to display.

Vasu was shattered disappointed. He was feeling like a loser. All his colleagues called him to say they are feeling sorry for him. But their this sympathy sounded more like critics.

Vasu decided to call Jaya ,he took out his phone just to dial but he could not gain that much strength to call him.

To be continued………………………………………..

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