Things you can never buy:-

In the humongous world where everything is on sale and we all are glued to the shopping website or malls.There are list of things which are never on sale.

  1. Time: We all are aware that time waits for none.Every single minute clock is ticking and an hour ,a day,a month flies. No amount of money will be able to turn the clocks back. Every passing second becomes past,and approaching minute becomes the future. How much rich or poor the person is ,time is same for everyone.So never waste your time troubling yourself.Just enjoy every momenttime is money
  2. Love :Money can buy attraction,gits for loved one a date but without love nothing is possible. Love is an emotion or rather feeling which comes internally. It’s a inner satisfaction which envelopes you in the warmth of love.Money is something which is give and take which can buy materialistic things but love is not a thing, its an emotion which everyone wants to feel in their life. It is something which is not in our hand nor you can buy it. Even the rich and poor all of them get married as per destiny. Even they cannot buy a bride or
  3. Happiness: Happiness is all around us. It has no proper definition. Every one has their own aspects or definition. For me happiness is when i want to pee and i get a washroom. No happiness can match that. Happiness is seeing sunrise,sunset,enjoying winds and watching moon. Happiness is enjoying the company of friends and family.During festivals, celebrating it together is a real fun.But you can never buy all those from money. It’s an attachment which comes internally.happiness
  4. Health: Health is Wealth but a healthy body comes from exercise and yoga. Proper eating habits is the backbone. Money can buy us healthcare medicines and treatments. But a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.Drinking ample amount of water, proper sleeping and eating patterns are what makes us wealthy which money cannot make us. So “Eat Healthy and Live Healthy”Health
  5. Dreams: We all live our dreams everyday. Work harder to achieve it. Toil our sweat and earn our confidence to fulfill our dreams. If money could have bought our dreams the definition of hardships wont exist. Every one would have been successful. But its the dream and our determination and dedication which makes everyone different from one another. We can buy things like books and materials to achieve dreams but it can be achieved only by the efforts.dreams
  6. Peace: Sometimes we are in a state of distraught. We are just worried and want to buy peace. Peace of mind to relax and forget all worries. But unfortunately money cannot buy peace. It’s just a temporary aids which can make us happy. Like buying ice cream or chocolate but the moment ice cream melts we are back to that state. We desperately wish to buy peace from the bank of Peace. I know there is no such bank but we always feel is some magic happens and we can buy peace. But the matter of fact is Peace comes with time , good health and positivity. Peace
  7. Knowledge:We worship Goddess Saraswati who is the goddess of knowledge,music and art.We can buy books,papers but we cannot buy morals,integrity ,knowledge,values. These all come through education. WE can buy degree but we can never buy ethics and learning things.
  8. Self Confidence: Money can never buy self-esteem and confidence. These all come through a journey of experience. No can buy anyone’s experience.Money can buy certain things but it can never buy appreciation which makes us most happier.knowledge

In short:-

  • Money can buy medicine, but it can’t buy health.
  • Money can buy a bigger house, but it can’t buy a home.
  • Money can buy a life of leisure, but it can’t buy purpose, passion, or meaning
  • Money can buy thrills and distractions, but it can’t buy serenity and inner peace.
  • Money can buy the appearance of a happy life, but it can’t buy true happiness.
  • Money can buy material goods, but it can’t buy appreciation for the simple thing
  • Money can buy expensive watches, but it can’t buy time.
  • Money can buy books but Knowledge comes within.

As rightly said by George Lorimer

“It is good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good too, to check up once in a while and make sure you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.”

8 thoughts on “Things you can never buy:-

  1. A beautifully written post 🙂 I really agree with you completely!
    You cannot buy time.
    Such a great reminder.

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