Time to bid Adieu

9am: Sitting with my coffee on my comfy sofa I am checking some trending tweets. With India beat Australia by 8 wickets in the test match , twitter is going gaga over Ajinkya Rahane. Several congratulatory messages has started pouring for the entire team. In India we love comparisons. The victory of a team with one captain overshadows the victories of other captain.


The conflicting question have arose-If Virat Kohli should step down as test Captain? I really don’t understand why we can just enjoy victory, we Indians love controversies I guess!

After getting my cup of controversy I jumped to the hashtag of #CovidVaccine. The great encouraging news is pouring in with CEO Of Serum Institute of India – Mr Adar Poonawallah had quoted that ” We will wait for the final approval from Indian Regulators” After Pfizer, Oxford vaccine Astrazeneca also gets approved. With the end of year hopefully some good news has started pouring in. With every news channel focusing on 2 days successful dry run of vaccine, I suddenly google why is the dry run necessary. Basically dry run is the dummy process that will help government understand how ready we are to combat COVID 19. It will help us to tackle problems which will makes us more prepared during the time of vaccination. There are several factors which guard this like cold storage, transportation, social distancing, deployment of team members and testing sites. With dry run successful good news is what filling up the air.

12pm: After reading tweets , now it was the time to check instagram. With 31st approaching everyone has stepped out of their homes to enjoy their vacay. My instagram is deluged with vacay pictures. The hot beach picture of disha Patani to Shilpa shetty chilling in GOA the pictures are absolute a feast to my eye. My mind is boggling to step out of home and just fly to an undisclosed location. Controlling my emotions I log off from my account.

5pm: There is always something special about wintersbalcony

The cool breeze ,early sunset and Smokey smell. I always wonder why it smell like smoke when its cold. I used to feel , someone is burning wood to withstand cool air. But when I googled it, As per an olfactory scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia “Odor molecules move much more slowly as the air temperature drops which means there are fewer smells to smell” This is too phenomenal but yes that’s the scientific reason. Galloping my ginger tea, enjoying the beautiful wind I read about the massiah of 2020- Mr Sonu Sood. Under his Ghar Bhejo Campaign he have sent many stranded migrant workers to their homes when the nationwide lockdown was announced. Under his another campaign named after his late father Shakti Annadanam he has started food drive to feed 45000 people on daily basis. Hats off to him , he has given a lot of hope at the time of dismay.

Some people on the twitter procrastinate saying fake help. My heart run out to such judgmental people who just love to comment and troll. With people trolling each other , taking a dig on each other, sending birthday wishes, congratulatory messages, making memes twitter is a place to hang on.

With this I would like to wish a very happy New year. With all the problems and grievances to stay in 2020 and donot enter 2021. I wish a year 2021 full of happiness, Good health, no lockdowns, no recessions. I wish a year like 2019 as if there was no 2020!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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