Travel in the time of Corona

The era of Corona which doesn’t seem to end, has become the part of our lives with masks added to our body. With restriction being eased and people being saturated sitting at homes , are all coming out of their ponds to float in fresh water. Likes fishes even human are getting suffocated sitting at homes. It is the under water experience for human sitting at home. Fishes love to come to the surface of water to enjoy fresh air. The similar way human step out to breathe polluted air but the irony of the fact is we cannot live without inhaling it😂. We just want to travel now. But is this that easy? If you travel by your own vehicle to an isolated location, of course you can enjoy your trip with ease but if you prefer travelling by public transport it is going to hinder your mental peace.

Krushi who lived for months alone at home and is now perplexed to step out of her home. As soon as the train reservation window was open she booked the tickets which to her fantasy got confirmed. Her happiness knew no bounds, she was happy to sit in train, look around, feel the fresh air😇. The day of journey arrived, the most important parameter which while leaving we need to check were tickets and mobile but in the time of Corona we have masks and sanitizer. With howmuch ever luggage you carry the mask and sanitizer will add glory to it. With every one declaring that we have sanitized our vehicle but our heart gets pounced with every step. Krushi took cab and is continuously pouring sanitizer. As for opening car door, after sitting in the car she touched the window so the process of sanitizer was recurring. 🙃During this entire process she reached the station.

The level of excitement to reach home was at the surge which was only keeping her motivated. Taking luggage she got tired and looked for a bench but “should I sit or not” she pondered. Bewildered she kept walking and boarded the coach. After arranging the luggage under the seat now sanitizing the seat was left. She started spraying and wiping with tissues. Finally settled down on the seat but the mask was still adding to her beauty :P, 😷she wanted to remove it but the scare of Corona was horrifying. It was at night while some people slept with their masks on while a few packed their masks properly and slept. Confused Krushi wonders what should be done as she was travelling in the AC coach. She tried to sleep with a mask but it was irritating while sleeping her hands touched the upper flap of the train and she thought 😱-“oh no I forgot to sanitise the flap”and process repeated

That is how the travel is these days. And if after travel you start sneezing or wipe your running nose,🤧😪 the entire scene gives you bone gripping fear. But then everyone has started to live with risk. Preferable people travel by their own vehicle because its safe. But even if you travel by your own vehicle and meet any of your friend who has just returned from a vacation. What you will do? In short we all are badly stuck and more you think, more you lose.

The only best thing which can be done is to improve your immunity:-

  • Include a Balanced Diet. Nutritional deficiencies make us more susceptible to viruses and bacteria, that’s why it is important to eat nutritional foods that maintain a healthy immune system. Whole-foods including grains, beans, nuts and seeds provide daily nutritional value along with sweet-tasting vegetables and leafy greens.
  • Practise Yoga everyday
  • Avoid unnecessary travel
  • Include vitamin C products
  • And trust me you guys adorn your mask too cool. Don’t stop wearing that!!

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