Under the heat of time

As the wave washes the shore every time it brings new dirt with it and allows it to settle there. The same happens with us each second passing by teaches you something, If you sit back and think about what you were 10 years before and what you are now? You will smile and say there is a vast difference. Qualitative and quantitative both ways. If you ask me a decade before I was a novice, lame and amateur. If you count the enthusiasm at that time and compare it with today there is a huge difference. Irrelevant of any factors I used to try to achieve a goal but now we figure out the probability and then pull myself to achieve it. Anyone what has added with time?Experience. Experience is a very big word that goes hand in hand with time. A diamond is formed under high temperature and high pressure. Experience makes us a gem.

We hardly ever think about these things that have changed within us. The power of time makes us stronger and bolder. We overcome our fears in the walk of time, not even realizing it. When we are raw we are fierce and impatient. We behave as we alone can fight with the system. This is because we don’t think about any repercussions. But if you consider now, you take every step wisely, because you have a responsibility now. Time has added Responsibility

A decade ago life was full of our own defined quotes. We used to feel every question has an answer and we can do it. The cute chivalrous and fearless things used to excite us. We never used to think twice before saying” What kind of rituals and traditions it is? Whereas now you sometimes see yourself saying “It is just about following a ritual why to stress it, it is maybe about feelings”The same thing a decade ago you will say it’s not making sense to me so why to do” The sentences are so contradictory what has added with time is Maturity.


When the heart is rose. Mmmmm this means a time when you believe in love with roses, violin, saxophone, air, and music. Ye us Samay ki Baat hai:P When we never listen to anyone, we do what we like and believe in doing that.No matter whatever an experienced individual says we believe in a fact” Maybe they did not handle the situation well, I am handling at par of excellence.” We just focus to curate a happy nest around us, and each day just how a bird makes its nest. We make a nest of happiness only to blow down one day amidst the thunderstorms” But this blow does not stop us, break us but make us a learner. You convert from beginner to learner. What is added with time is Patience.

Whenever your clock to ’20s, ’30s,40’s you are never the same individual. The time has added necessary requisites to it making you stronger and bolder. So with each passing time, you are growing and moving to a path of peace and happiness.

To quote-“Like a fine wine, you get better with age”

Comment in below to share your moment of change or what quality you have imbibed?

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2 thoughts on “Under the heat of time

  1. Acceptance for me was huge with aging. That I am okay and worthy as I am. For me life is a journey and I’m (hopefully) still growing and evolving. That shouldn’t stop regardless of decades!

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