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Be it a birthday, anniversary, office party, or kitty party, in the time of this pandemic, the preferable answer to every party is No. We are not used to not celebrating. We always need a reason to celebrate. This pandemic has snatched away all reasons. If I tell you that you guys can still celebrate and meet each other. Have the same fun and activities, will you be surprised? Oh Yes, then I am giving you a reason to be surprised.

Have you guys heard about Virtual Parties? Let me simplify this for you. Rather have you come across this apps-Zoom, Google meets, Jiomeet, Microsoft Teams, etc. Yaya! I am talking about these video calling apps which make possible all your birthday parties or any party.

The party just needs to be planned by the host. The host can send invites to all attendees and simply by joining the link and downloading the app the attendee is at the party. The party code can be decided. Now the question comes what you will do at those parties. Parties are incomplete without some mocktails and starters. All attendees have to let themselves in this. But if you talk about activities there are much to do:-

Tambola: The host can plan for Tambola game by sending everyone housie tickets and then just simply running tombola software you can just roll the dice and numbers start pouring in. Trust me its a very entertaining and engaging game. It takes almost half an hour.

One minute Game: You can conduct a few one-minute games like language translation. Name, Place animal things. Identifying objects. Prepare a few Q&A for your attendees and in one minute they have to answer.

Antakshri. The most loved and all-time the entertaining game is loved by all people demographically. You can play in teams or individually. You can prepare your WhatsApp group or team groups where you can publish your answers.

Theme Questions: Mostly for birthday parties this game is trending. You can do a theme decoration and then start answering questions based on your theme. You can also prepare a set of questions to identify an object. This is quite engaging and is loved by the audience.

With everything available online there is no worry about gifts and return gifts. Everything is available on online. What you really need is good internet, patience and will power to come out of your gloomy world. The often answer we hear these days is “It has been months I have not used mascara, kajol, lipstick, eye shadow perfume. I have not got ready actually” So this is the time guys take out everything from your cupboards. Dress the way you want, after the party you can actually click the photos and photobomb your Facebook , Instagram and cherish likes and comments.

Do try these parties and comment below to let m know your experience!

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  1. Great suggestions for this crazy time. I would love to have a virtual Tea Party with all of my friends around the world ☕?

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