What is Life?

Life is just a flip of time and emotions. The time goes on and so life has to run. Life can never stop as the clock is tickling 24x 7. If you are unhappy, sad, isolated, life seems to stop but time still keeps running. You bear that grudge or pain with you and live life. Regularly living with the pain you will feel there is nothing left in life. You lose confidence and feel demotivated. Everyone around you is happy and you will feel “why it happened to me”. This though boggles your mind. But simultaneously, time is running, days and months have passed. With time you become a bit determined mature and composed. You start helping and motivating others. It was just a matter of time so stop annoying yourself.


After a certain span of time, good days return to you. You feel happy and start cherishing memories. After a night there is always a bright sun full of happiness. This sun covers the dark clouds and twinkles in our lives. Suddenly you start understanding and interpreting things. You start feeling good things also happen. Good and bad both are events which keep happening to everyone. This is life. That is what we call as Chapters of life. Some chapter is endearing, happy, motivating, learning while some are dull, dark, agony, boring. You feel nothing is happening in your life. It has become boring. You come everyday work, go back home and thus the routines go on. You feel devasted when you are longing for something and it is not happening since years. That can be your education, promotion, increment, marriage or other parameters. This is the beauty of life it does not give you chance to plan things. Life doesn’t go the way you plan. Events do happen but happen at the destined time. How much ever hard you try and long for something ,it happens only at that particular time. This is the magic, you have to wait for that time with shiddat.

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The other element which is very important in life is Satisfaction. If you have acquired everything and still you are not happy. It means you are not satisfied in your life. You always think “I will keep working hard for several years and then only will go for a break”. But that will not help you, this will make you mentally tired and will affect your efficiency. Thus unsatisfaction will prevail, you will start comparing with others and this will make you more unhappy. So think about your lives and be happy with what you have. Try your best. But make sure you allow some time for recreation.

Life is beautiful so admire it dun waste questioning it. There are certain events which are going to run around. You can not change the tables but when events come you should face them with strength. Because anyhow you have to face them so why not accept it. Acceptance is the most important element. Most of the times we are not able to accept several situations. But the matter of the fact is you have to deal with that situations. Acceptance of several things simplifies situations. Sometimes accepting mistakes makes us strong. Life is a journey of endearing experiences where we learn from our experiences and write new chapters.
So Be happy and Enjoy your lives 🙂

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