What you call it as Fake!

With the current development in the society and in pandemic situation what I have realised is we live in the world “Fake”. Yay! Not everyone in fake , But the ones we have cherished and grown are the ones. In our living room what is 42inch HD smart TV, the presence of TV in our living room embellishes the overall decor. But the moment you turn on , you will find the rat race of people who are selling talent, news, headlines for few TRPs.You will see the struggle of people to stand in the race of competition.

The news channel which start their bulletin with the feeling “We Care for you” are actually the Type of Emotional Advertising. These channels are owned by few political parties ,the anchors of these channel crumble the news with few punctuations like question mark, coma,apostrophe, and exclamation. They present the news crumbling the fact and present in front of us as the breaking news.The matter of the fact Is, we are being taught or rather feeded with the news which they want us to believe in. The Irony of the life is these facts are far from the ground reality. I am not trying to put objections but to run their shops they need masala, spice and sponsors. To give employment to so many people it is important to have good sponsors. I dont know where the world is leading. It is leading to development or more employment rate or more of crumbled facts. It now depends on us how we conceptualise.

The awards functions which we gallop sitting on our sofa sets fantasising the glamorising sets and performances are really meant for entertainment. They are not the platform to judge the talent. But it is always showcased as to how they worship, motivate and rank the talent.It is actually a community who host these award shows, some sponsors who Pay hefty amount for this over decorated stages. After paying such oversize amount everyone will ask “ What will we get” .In return they get awards or some performance. It is just so obvious. But why cant things be just normal. The answer is we have left the era of normalcy long back ,now we live in the word of fantasy where a book is being judged from its cover contrary to what it was “ Dont judge a book by its cover”. Today parameters are how good the packing is, how readable and pleasing font it is. Do it has some good images. The quality of paper is good or not.I am sorry folks I forgot to mention about the content but this is the fact.

No one is really bothered about the content. All we bother is how the content is served. Whether in silver dinner set or may be platinum. The facts are sheer information who have no shine , no glossy paper, no matt finish, no embellishment. They are just truth. Today in this century every one wants to run from truth!

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