When you meet your love-The Last Time

Love has no words it simply has beats where two heart beats for a single rhythm. When love persists in your life you are always on cloud 9. It makes you to talk to clouds, feel air, drenching in rain,sighting moon and the most important making you happy for no reasons.Basically its a phase of life where you smile being alone,you dance to any tunes, cool breeze, drive and soothing songs makes the perfect ambiance.In short you feel every good is just happening to you. No one bothers you , you only enjoy the company of your heart. Even though you behave like fool you still rejoice. Nothing matters you, just your heart keeps on pumping happiness.Things proceed and you exchange etiquettes with your loved one. Your day just revolves around this good morning and good night. The time between this duration just flies and at night you sleep dreaming of yet again a good morning with your love.The time is going marvelous with your smiles,messages, roses and calls.During this time you never realize that you are getting addicted.


One fine day you both realize that there is no future and you have to just get out of it and walk on your path.The harder you try your destiny pulls you back . Love has no heaps and bounds. The compassion which it has never lets you give up.You just wait for sunshine and with your shiddat you make sure a ray of hope arises but soon black clouds will overcome and shadow those hopes. The beam of hope has turned in to those clouds who are not ready to disappear. In despair when you have lost all hopes yet “Dil hai ki manta nahi” is the perfect song and constant bollywood track goes in your mind kch bhi ho sakta and you still keep hoping. That’s is what is said when you are in love you are crazy. Nothing seems right or wrong. But destiny does not seem in their favor.To say good bye was the only answer to all their problems. Because they have to go reverse with all those they have felt these days. Soon the heart who pumped happiness started feeling pain which just cannot be treated. You don’t realize what it is.But still they decide to meet just for the last time, may be to say good bye. Dun know it was right or wrong. “Humari shiddat sirf itni si hai agar woh galat hai to hum woh galti karna chahta hai”.They are not in a state to analyze right or wrong,may be they wanted to start a new beginning and for that meeting was the option.


Finally came the day of meeting. Just like they talk and chat they met each other. Over a cup of coffee they relived their span of talks.  Both portrayed they have moved on and are not affected much.Deep with in wanted to capture the sight of each other deep in their hearts. Wanted to capture those moments which will keep them alive the entire life. Over a casual meet all complaints and suggestions poured in for future. The time flied and it was the time to depart and the most important moment to say “Good Bye for forever”. Followed by a good bye hug both departed and look backed together for the last time , saw each other for the last time and departed. Carrying that moment with them forever.It seemed like eyes were not ready to depart until the moment they were able to see each other.


We always feel that the love story are those which gets complete  but there are certain stories who never reach that pinnacle yet remains a story!

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