Why are Bilva Leaves offered to Lord Shiva- Shravan Special?

Om Namah Shivay!

As the month of Shravan is around the corner and every Monday is considered as the day of Lord Shiva. Today being the first Shravan Monday you could see lot of worshippers near the Mandir and similarly lots of stalls selling Bilva leaves. Have you ever thought why it is so?Let us now the significance of Bilva Leaves.

Chandra(Moon)  was known as Soma and from this  originated a day as Somavar. Lord Shiva always wear crescent moon and is always a companion of Chandra. We offer our dear Lord Shiva Bilva leaves to offer our prayers.

Lord Shiva

Bilva leaves

Goddess Parvati was the daughter of king of Mountains and she was happily married to Lord Shiva. Mandara the mountain was a great devotee of her. he used to worship her. While Parvati stayed with Lord shiva on Mount Kailash but Mandara had always longed for her presence on his mountain. Shiva and Parvati used to dance for hours , finally Parvati Got tired and decided to rest, wiping her sweat from her forehead. Some drops of sweat fell on Mandara and a sapling sprang from there, the tall grew tall and became a beautiful tree.

This was the rarest tree on that mountain and no one has noticed it before. This was a different sapling with a difference ,each of its twigs sprouted three leaves and bore fruit.One fine day Mandara took this twigs to Parvati and said her that this tree was born due to her sweat. What should he do with those twigs?

She exclaimed with joy and said “The tree is very beautiful and  three leaves indicate three eyes of Lord shiva and and three stages of life- birth, journey and death. They also represent heaven, earth and world. So three is an auspicious number.It also represents three Gunas ie. tamas (Physical body) Rajas Emotions) and Satvic(Intellect)”

She was glad with his perseverance and devotion. She declared “that this tree will be called as Bilva tree and the leaves as Bilva patra. From today every one who worships Lord Shiva will have to offer him these Bilva leaves. Offering him leaves will in turn means worshipping me only. This  Bilva tree will always prevail on this mountain”

Interesting Enough! There are so many instances and rituals which we do because it is being followed since ages.We never argue but simply follow with faith but knowing about the significance of rituals and learning about stories really makes us  happy. I simply love reading such stories. I hope you all will also enjoy this enchanting tale.

Happy Shravan!


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