Why falling in love is necessary?

Love is a big mess of emotions which inhibit lots of hormones in our body and finally lead to train of emotions. How strong you stand like a wall in front of your heart saying you will never fall in that mess , love has its own reach!You say you rule your heart and not your heart rules you. Usually millennial these days feel it just a status symbol where every one has gf and bf. In digital world love happens over internet and it happens multiple time. But most important is everyone should fall in true love once because it gives you lots of reasons.


  1. Happiness: Love is beautiful which spreads a spectacular canvas around you to makes you feel secured and happy. happy
  2. Pamper: We all love to be appreciated. I think when you are in love you start adoring yourself. You spend a lot of time pampering yourself . You take care of minacular things which you never bothered.Gifts and surprises personify your life. You start embracing a beautiful life.Pampering of gifts and surprises just makes you feel special. gifts
  3. Emotional Development: When in love you fight,laugh,smile and train of emotions follow you.This is how you learn to balance several emotions. Whatever happens ,happens for good is an old saying.Every such opportunity makes you bolder and mature.emotions
  4. Pain: Love without pain has no value. Where there is love pain follows .I think love explains pain better. The pricking of your heart feels like a pricking pin who pricks once then stops ,and after a while it will prick you again. Making you feel that pain every time.pain
  5. Obligations : Loves ties you in several obligations. Somethings you don’t want to do but still you do. You forget right or wrong. You just understand the language of love. It makes you week. Well “Love should be an inspiration and not an obligation” But with Love several things come. When its raw everything is raw ,it becomes finer as you start dealing with it.obligation
  6. Sympathy:The feeling of sympathy with yourself makes you understand better . Several time you make lots of sacrifices for loved one just to make them happy. You do all the tasks not by your choice but for their happiness. Consider a state where you are in a phase of break up you bitterly empathize but you are helpless as how to dealt with it. People around you feel you are a fool but its a state which goes with time. It’s not a chapter which goes away just by turning pages. The real win is to combat with the situation.sympathy

The saga of love makes you a different  person. May be a bit mature or a strong person.  You too become an experience person in handling life. Never the less you always learn something. Most important when you look back and remember the chapter you just can’t stop giggling over the incidents and labelling yourself as “stupid” . Love is immaculate.You start understanding people very  nicely and start to feel other’s pain. You start valuing love and people. The irony of life is “There is no life with out love, without love you are alone” Like without nectar flowers are alone.

Thus Love is Life.It makes you fall,laugh,cry,happy but this is what life is all about !

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