Work Environment

Ambiance is what fascinates us the most. We get mesmerized looking at the furniture or the cubes or other accessories. Be it any profession most important is the work environment. Because we spend approximately 8-10 hours at our workplace.The positive and negative vibes are all generated from employees. But Employees vibes are dependent on the environment and work culture.A positive work culture indirectly leads to employees happiness which leads to increased productivity ,good results thus leads to organizational growth. A Negative work culture leads to exploitation, harassment,protests thus work becomes less and organization turns dramatic. The set of ethics and policies should be designed  by the organization and those rules should be sanctioned. It should not be dependent on the mood of the Director. I have come across several organization which have no set of rules but they get change as per Managing Director’s Mood. I too feel if these rules are clear it will favor their organization. Every time they don’t have to spend time on these trivial points.

work culture

Company culture is the personality of a company. The personality includes various traits like company vision,mission,ethics,policies. The company may earn huge profits but if the employees are not  happy the organization will have issues in long run. There are some attributes or in fact necessary elements which are mandatory.

  1. Positive work environment
  2. Good desk
  3. Futuristic systems to work.
  4. Clean Environment
  5. Separate Hygienic washrooms for Females and Males
  6. Healthy environment where people can interact.
  7. Several activities should be encouraged to introduce team work
  8. Discipline
  9. A small office Canteen
  10. A First Aid Box
  11. A Purified Water Filter.
  12. Respect for Employees
  13. Motivating Environment
  14. Learning Goals.
  15. Salary and Incentives to be delivered on time.
  16. Team Dinner or Team Lunch.
  17. Trust
  18. Integrity
  19. Appreciation
  20. Security.Positiveteam work

In short the place should be fun to work. An employee who starts early from home with all the traffic and  reaches office is surely coming to work. If you trust your employee that is bound to increase your productivity. Several people leave their jobs because of insufficient work culture and less attention from organization.They feel insecure.

The recent news which is gaining momentum is females are facing lots of harassment and exploitation at their workplace. Physical abuse and harassment breaks the females mentally. The recent allegation On MJ Akbar a journalist  has confessed her trouble how painful it was to work with him. He used to call females to his cabin and used to touch them inappropriately. These news really shock us.Though the allegation is not proved but these are the facts which females go through. Though the step out of their homes to set up their career but on the stake of their self-respect no one wants to achieve the heights. You can never run an organization if you cannot respect a women.You should always remember you too have a mother, wife, daughter and so on.

Healthy environment leads to healthy employees both physically and mentally which leads to healthy organization. So  never compromise on the above points.These days we have Glass Door portals where you can always check for the reviews. Before you join an organization always check for reviews.

So work for a better life, individual and environment. Never compromise on the ethics.!With co-working places coming in picture the epitome of work culture is increasing.They are making environment


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